Saturday, 23 July 2011

Today's Objectives

Today's the day that I say goodbye to my chooks. I tried for the last 5 days to find them a new home, funnily enough no one wants them. So my father in laws coming around to slaughter them, then I'm going to pluck and gut them ready for eating. I would slaughter them myself but its not an area I have experience in and I don't wish them to suffer.

My hubby's been trying to talk me out of butchering them all week. He won't really tell me why but I think I've worked my charm to make him see how much of a waste of life it would be to just throw them away.

I may post some pictures of the process depending on how gory it all is.

Other than that I have to go to the Post Office and send loads of parcels. This week I finally got around to selling my left over Phoenix Trading cards etc on eBay, I was really surprised with how much money I made from splitting down the cards into different bundles. I also sold a bridesmaid dress that wasn't used in the end, some shoes that are still in their box, a few odd games and a hideous Laura Ashley Lamp that looks like a teapot - so someone must have loved it as it sold really well. This is it -

All in all 23 items sold and more money than I earn in week was made! Woo for eBay!

I'll keep you updated with saying good bye to my girls. :'-(

V x

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