Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Deed is Done

The girls have gone to chicken heaven. The only hick up was trying to catch the last bird!

They're all butchered now, ones in the freezer for a roast, I've filled the other two ready to have one tomorrow night and to give some to my wonderful father-in-law as a thank you.

The only picture I'm willing to show you is this one -

Feathers anyone?

I don't feel bad for doing it, I just feel depressed and I miss them!

Trying to take my mind of it I'm having a little papering session starting with my toes-

Love flip flop tan lines! I also painted my finger nails but cant see in the photo as is kinda a clear colour with gold flecks. Today on my paper list is shaping my eyebrows.

Yesterday I bought a couple of gorgeous vintage style key rings, for the keys we keep losing, I love them-

I also dug up my first lot of new potatoes, little beauties! -

Today I'm picking up Leo's new viv, my latest eBay bargain! I'll show you later. I'm also in some real need for crafting, I swear I'm having withdrawal symptoms!

V x

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