Tuesday, 12 July 2011

First Morning Completed

As I promised myself when I got up to let the chickens out I stayed up and got busy in the garden. I've barley started and the green garden waste bin is already full to the brim! I've trimmed the big bush in front of our lounge window, the thorns on that thing are nasty! I've also started stripping and digging the roots out of the flower bed in front of the door. However I can guarantee when I get home there will be evidence of cats in the freshly dug soil!

I'm not going to post pictures every time I do something because that's just boring. Instead I'm going to tell you what I've done and show you a picture at the end of the week, a bit like a before and after.

Does anyone know where I can get hold of some natural wood chip?I need to rescue my lawn from the chickens so I'm going to keep them on wood chip but I can't seem to get hold of any! The garden centres around here only have bark chip which is toxic to chickens. The nearest B&Q that stocks it is 50 miles away. I've emailed local tree surgeons as other people suggested and they're not interested for some reason.

I impressed myself so much this morning, as well as gardening I also had time for breakfast and to make lunch. Not to mention its all healthy and diet friendly! Oooo yeah I'm good! Lol

I'm trying to plan what I'm going to do in the garden when I get home from work?!
I think I'll just carry along down the flower bed I started this morning and hopefully get that finished. However I will have to convince my Hubby to cook tea tonight :-/ could be interesting.

That's all for now :-D

V x

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