Saturday, 18 June 2011

Wooo!! First Day of our Holiday!!

The chickens are cleaned and feed. The cars packed full of everything we need and now is the time that we get ready for our 4 hour drive to our holiday. I'm so excited!! One thing I will miss though is blogging and reading all the blogs I follow! It'll take me a week to catch up when we get back! I've promised to send my Gran a post card every day this week as she loves receiving them and it'l give her something to look forward to every day!

Thats all for now folks! Thank you so much & speak to you soon!!

V x

Thursday, 16 June 2011

2 Days to go!!

Well guys only 2 days to go before my holiday and my gosh I can't wait. I kinda feel like I'll end up either having a mental breakdown or I'll walk out of my job if I didn't have a break!

We're currently putting all our camping stuff together, we've got our wet suits and body boards too - the rest doesn't matter to me!

The hardest bit has been organising people to look after the chickens! It's taking 3 people, anyone would have thought it was a full time job! LOL I am so grateful to those who have offered to help though, it saves me stressing out any more over them.

Surf lessons are booked for Sunday :-) so excited, I've not been on a board for years! I'm in the middle of booking some horse ridding sessions too - again it's been years since I last went horse ridding but this will be another first for my hubby.

Thats all for now, I'll do one last blog either tomorrow night of before we leave saturday morning.

V x

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Herman, Stripy Lasagne & Book Update

As promised her is a picture of Herman after we cut him & ate most of him! -

He was lush, very moist and fruity, not too sweet. We all loved him and I can't wait to make him again, I hope the mix in the freezer works! Yay for strange traditions like friendship cakes!

Also here's my lasagne I baked earlier with my stripy lasagne sheets. I have to say I was a wee disappointed as the colours faded and were only just visible. But luckily it was nice pasta and it cheered me up making it because it was bright!

Book update, True Blood has long gone. I'm nearly done readying Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden & my gosh what a book, it's amazing. Every time I pick it up and read it feels like you're there and everything is happening to you, it absorbs every emotion! No idea what to read after this one but I have enough to choose from!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and I know this week is going to be better than last week!

V x

Saturday Outting

Hubby and I had a long drive on Saturday to see my poorly Gran. We left at 6:30am to be there for 9:00 in an attempt to miss the traffic and it worked. However when we got there we found out that my Gran had tried calling us to ask us not to go :-S I felt bad that we didn't know she was having a bad day, then she had to entertain us! We stayed for barely 2 hours but it was still nice to see her and see thats she's not lost her sense of humour! I was hopping to meet my Dad while we were in that direction but unsurprisingly he was busy! So we headed back home, my poor hubby had to drive for 5 hours to see my Gran for barley 2 hours. However I was glad we made the effort, I love my Gran to bits.

On the journey we passed my favourite pig farm -

These must be the happiest pigs ever, they have so much space to roam and forage. They're so gorgeous! One of them on the way home was standing in a water trough - must have been hot! I wish we could have pulled over to take a picture, it was so funny!

Oh and on the way home we stopped at some services and found out to our surprise that they had Crispy Kremes!! Wooo yeah!!

Oh and I've just cooked a lasagne with my funky coloured sheets from my earlier post. I'll show you a picture when I serve it up! It's ace!

V x

Herman is 10 Days Old!!

Well it's Hermans big day, he's 10 days old and ready for baking. I've handout three parts and have saved one for us to put in the freezer to see if it works. Here's our little Herman gifts along with the instructions -

Getting ready for his big trip to the oven -

He was meant to take 40 - 60 min but he took about 90 mins :-S but he looks great. What do you think -

I'll post a photo of him once he's cut as well, we're having him for dessert tonight with fresh custard as we've got a few guests for dinner.

V x

Calling all chicken experts!

I'm in desperate need of some advice. I current;y have three rescue warren hens with a firm pecking order. The lowest hen (Bottom) I've had to buy a separate house and run as someone was pulling out her new feathers and also her egg shells were so thin they'd always break and get eaten. I wanted her on her own to give her feathers a chance to grow though and to giver her some extra vitamins to help her eggs. She's been on her own for a week now and her feathers are coming on great, theres not much change in her eggs yet.

The next problem I'm facing is that the top chicken (Dotty) is now picking on the other one she's left with (Izzy). She's been pulling her feathers out and now her eggs shells are shocking just like Bottoms. Is the problem my top chicken Dotty? Is she just a bully causing all this stress?

I'm really stuck and desperately need this sorted, I can't go on cleaning them all out every day and stressing myself out over them. Please help......

V x

Thursday, 9 June 2011

:-( Bike Puncture!

After getting up to let the chocks out and feed them I started to get my bike bits ready for tonight. I found and fitted my helmet (like a good girl) then got my bike out of the garage only to find that it's got a puncture! :-( I've not used it for two months but I still didn't think it would have a puncture. I've looked high and low for the bike pump to no avail so it looks like my bike ride will be off the cards tonight and I was seriously looking forward to it!

To take my mind off being so irritated I thought I'd be active and clean the bathroom, now thats all done and it's only 07:15 I'm still angry about my bike! If I'm going to be able to ride it tonight I need to get if fixed this morning before I leave for work in an hour! I hate working so many hours and trying to get the housework etc done, how do people manage it when there's only two of you let alone with any kids in the house!!??

Right I'm off to make us some breakfast, then sort out lunches and if I get time again look for this bloody bike pump! BUT even if I can't find it I refuse to be in a bad mood today even though it's supposed to be June and it's raining one again! So I'll keep thinking of my motto "Do More and Eat Less" and see where I can squeeze in exercise at work!

Have a nice day guys.

V x

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

New Saying

I have to announce that I have finally found a new saying for my urgent life situation. The situation of trying to lose weight, exercise more and craft more. My new saying is -

Eat Less And Do More

Nice and simple yet so very important and true! I've also started a Weight Watchers challenge which is all about doing more physical things every day. 

I started this yesterday, firstly yesterday after letting the chocks out I did the washing up and a brief tidy. In the evening I walked home from a drink with Harry helping me clock up extra steps. This morning after letting the girls out I put some washing on, hung it out and tidied bait more, I did some extra walking through the day at work. These are just little extra buts that I want to do not just because they need doing but because it stops me sitting on my butt for so long! 

Tomorrow night I've got Zumba, I'm going to get my bike out in the morning and get my helmet etc ready so when I rush home and change clothes I can just grab my bike and cycle into town. This means that I can take a detour home and get a bit more exercise in. I'm planning a half hour route home - it's rather a detour! 

I really miss the way I used to feel about my appearance, I've never "loved" my body but I used to be confident in my body. I'm going to get that feeling back before the year is out. Im a very determined person and when I set my mind to something I will do it, I just have to keep reminding myself along the way of why I'm doing it.

I used to run every morning when I was at uni before lectures and it really used to set me up for the day. So I'm planning to get into the whole running scene again, I'm just trying to find the right way about doing it. Although as I'm writing this I've just started thinking that perhaps Im reading into it too much and all I need to do is get my trainers on and go for a walk/run/jog a couple of times a week to get the feel for it again. 

I also used to do a lot of Poi Poi (at least 2 x 1 hour sessions a week) and I used to push myself into a sweat every time. So tonight I've dug them out and I'm putting together a track list to listen too whilst I use them. I'm going to dust them off by Sunday night, if I'm not too shocking I'll pop a couple of pictures on here.

Thats all my thoughts for now. If you have any suggestions I'm open to all ideas!

V x 

Hair Dying Lesson!

As promised here is my before picture -

This is during step one - bleaching! I was quite nervous at this stage as it was going more and more ginger!

Nervous as hell as my hair was blond, ginnier and red! Ahhhhhhh! So thats why I look a bit miffed as I thought I's made the situation 10 times worse!

This is the TaDa!! After bleaching it I had to dye it twice with a light shade of brown, the first tie worked but was still a wee bit patchy so I dyed it again! Now I have gorgeous rich brown hair! (Sorry the pictures so dark, it was rather late by the time I finished!)

Improvement?? I really think so, although I loved the red when it was so vibrant it's just a shame it fades so fast in the sun!

V x

Herman Update

Hey guys, Hermans now 6 days old. I had to feed him yesterday which he must have liked as now he's bubbling away more then ever! He's more then double the size he was. Here's a photo of him on his 6th morning -

I'm seriously looking forward to baking him on Sunday, however I have to divide him out into 5ths on Saturday and I'm trying to think who to give to! I think one will go to my Hubby's Dad & Step Mum, another to my Mum, one to my little Sis and maybe one to Harry if he's got time to look after him at the moment.

I realised earlier that I didn't update you on my hair dying progress! So I will blog again tonight with all the photo's - be warned that they're not attractive! Lol But I would like to see someone working the hair colour that I ended up with after I bleached my hair!

I have some good news, at last my brother has a job! However he was offered two the same day, they're only temp positions for a few month but he's taken the one that lasts a month longer. I'd do the same if I had a baby, whom by the way is more gorgeous than ever!

Off to work :-s

Catch you later.

V x

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Busy Week Update!!

Hello remember me?!? Lol

Sorry it's been a while, I've had the most manic week.

I've been looking after my brothers Bearded Dragons all week, meaning that I had to go over to his every morning and night to turn the heat lamps on and off then feeding him. This wouldn't have been so bad if he had some crickets to feed them! He said that the two local pet shops didn't have any and left me the task of finding some despite the fact I was working all week! Cheers Bro!

Wednesday evening we went to a relatives to give them a birthed present for a their gorgeous 1 year old! Thursday night I had Zumba as always it was great fun and really hard in the heat! Friday night we had to drive all the way to Southampton to pick up another Eglu. Bottom is still laying bad eggs with thin or even no shell so I wanted to separate her to give her some extra minerals and some alone time to get better. Sounds a little extravagant for one chock but I have to give her a fighting chance - plus the Eglu was a steal! It was £130 for the house, run, link boards (to make a barrier around the Eglu), feeders, 20kg of food and some treats! Here's a picture of them both - excuse the state of the lawn but the weathers been shocking and the grass won't grow due to the lack of rain but today it's poured down!

During the week one of our lovely neighbours bought us around a little gift that goes by the name of Herman! He's a friendship cake, I'd never heard of one of these before but after reading the instructions I think it's great! Here's a picture of him today at 3 days old he's bubbling away well! I'll keep you updated with pictures as he gets older!

On a quick trip to the shop on Friday lunch I found these beauties outside a quirky health food shop and I just had to buy them! They're the most amazing lasagne sheets ever! I can't wait to use them at the weekend! These were a steal as well at 60p per packet. This is them -

Saturday we had a gig for someones 80th Birthday, it was wonderful, we played outside in the sunshine for a garden party. My gosh the garden was wonderful! Sunday I've had to work all day, so I'm rather tired now and ready for bed - it's only 6pm!

Thats all for now :-)

V x