Thursday, 31 March 2011

So .....

After having my chooks for a 3 whole days I've received 6 eggs! Meaning that if you go supermarket prices of £1.50 for half a dozen free-range large eggs that one of my chooks has paid for itself already! They're super happy and super chatty at the moment. I could honestly sit there for hours watching and talking to them completely lost in their curiosity and cheeky personalities!

I can't wait to start introducing them to friends and family!

Please help me with some names for the girls!!

V x

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

My Happy Hens

Wow I can't believe it, just checked the hens when we got home to make sure they were ok. I opened up the hen house to see what state it was in to find these two beauties . . . . . my first eggs on our first whole day of having them!

Gosh they were big, weighing in at 69g and 67g putting them in the Large category if they were for supermarkets! So guess whats for tea tonight! We really can't weight to have these for our tea!

A huge thank you and round of applause to our three gorgeous girls!

V x

P.S. They tasted so amazing! Even the texture of the egg white is nicer than shop bought eggs, no white rubbery tasteless egg whites here!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Happy Hens . . . .

Well we picked up our Eglu yesterday which was interesting. Somehow I'm not too sure how we managed to get the whole thing in the back of our Citron C2 what a squeeze it was too but we did it! When we got al the was to the New Forest (which took an hour and a half) to pick the hen house up the woman turned around and said she'd lost the roosting bars but kindly knocked of £20 which was nice of her. When we got home and I tried to put the thing together, it came to light that she'd also forgotten to give us the Grub and Glug (food & water dishes) and the bolts that hold the run to the hen house!! Ahhhh what a nightmare!! So I rushed onto the Omlet web site to buy the roosting bars, Grub & Glugs, a new sun shade and before I know it I'd spent over £50!!

After a fun filled day at work :-/ we went to pick up our hens from the farm. They looked all sorry for themselves because of feather loss but  they were feisty little things! When the kind lady put them into the cat box the first one had a good peck at me as I was holding the box! It didn't break the skin but what I can say is ouch!

 Here's my girls exploring their new home -

The bravest takes the first steps into the Eglu. Look at her poor bare bum! :-( She'll soon be looking picture perfect.

They started eating and drinking as soon as they got into the run and love Marmite on toast! After sitting with them for a couple of hours it's clear they already have their pecking order sorted! I'll tell you who's who tomorrow. I really need help with names though so if anyone has any ideas.......

I've just shut them in for the night so I hope the sleep tight!

V x

A great Start to the Week!!

Well this morning was weigh in time before I head off to work and the verdict is I lost 3.3 lbs!! I'm really happy with that as this weekend I barley tracked a single thing as we were so busy but hey thats one of those things, I tried to stay on track and obviously didn't do too badly!

I desperately need to blog later about my Eglu so I'll be back to you tonight! :-)

V x

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Eggtastic Saturday!

Soo after a depressing afternoon hubby and I headed out to the pub. What a good night it was too. An old pub reopened with new owners in town, they now call themselves a "Pub Cafe" with live music every Friday night. The band wasn't half bad and the drinks were good! Saw a few friends in town danced to a few songs and grabbed a kebab on the way home! But best of all was that it was all within my points allowance!

I woke up this morning to a slightly bad head :-\ self inflicted so no sympathy! I also woke to an email from eBay the seller for the Eglu finally contacted me!! Wooo yeah!! I'm collecting it tomorrow morning so today I'm heading for the shops for chicken supplies!! I have to say I'm in a slight predicament as I been offered some ex free-range hens that are Columbian Black Tails 62 weeks old and someone else has offered me some ex free-range hens that are 52 weeks old and asking for less than half the amount of money than the other person. Whats a girl to do??

Anyway back to this morning, I just had the most amazing breakfast check this out -

I have to say it was the most amazing breakfast I've had for a while. We had eggy crumpets made with the most amazing duck eggs, grilled bacon, grilled vine tomatoes and I scrambled the left over egg from the crumpets. It was accompanied by an amazing cup o coffee. It counts in at a whole 12 ProPoints but was worth every one!

V x

Friday, 25 March 2011

It's Friday and I'm down in the dumps! :-(

I hate blogging when I'm not happy but today I'm really not despite the fact its Friday! Which is normally enough to get anyone in a good mood let alone the fact the weather today has been soo amazing!

The only thing thats getting me down is the fact that the person that was selling this Eglu on eBay won't answer my emails! eBay gave me the number and still no answer! I really wanted to get some hens this weekend as someone that lives near me is getting a batch of ex free range hens in from a local farmer and has offered some to me! I'm so gutted that it looks like this Eglu's going to fall through! :-(

I'm off to the pub in a couple of hours for some live music but all I want to do is eat everything in sight and feel sorry for the hens I might not be able to get and give a better home to!

V x

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Super Ecstatic Wednesday!!

No only is it half way through the week (which is bloody great news!) but most importantly I've just won a chicken coop on eBay!! Meaning that my dream of keeping chickens is one step closer to a reality!! We've got to pick it up on Saturday all being well but this is what it looks like -

This picture is from the eglu web site -

Its identical to the one I'm getting which is all most new. I'm so excited I can't tell you! We're setting aside next Saturday to go shopping for hen supplies and hopefully some hens! I'll blog this weekend with pictures of my eglu and share the coolness!! 

A quick update on the diet front, all is going well for both hubby and myself. We've been out walking every lunch for half an hour and stuck to our diets 100% for the last 3 days and feeling all the better for it!

V x 

Monday, 21 March 2011

Happy Monday Morning :-)

Well its Monday morning I'm off to work which sucks but I'm trying to be positive about it so no more moaning!!

I've weighed myself ready to start this Weight Watchers thing and the verdict is that I weigh 14st 4 1/4 lbs. So watch this space as I'll be checking in and weighing in every Monday (I'll try and blog every Monday morning but no promises it'll be the morning). I'll add my start photo later tonight when I have time to take one. I have just calculated my ProPoint usage at 34 per day my hubby gets 48 per day.

V x

As promised here's my before picture sorry for looking such a mess but I've had a really long day!


V x

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Proactive Saturday . . .

I spent yesterday looking after my little sis, we went bowling then spent some time in the arcade there. My hubby thought he'd record me on one of the games and as he had nothing better to do today he turned it into a video check it out -

I look a right state - bless him!

V x

Super Happy Super Crafty Sunday!!

This morning I was so annoyed with finding carrier bags allover the place that I decided it's time to make the carrier bag holder I've been talking about. After looking into designs I found out that the scrap of material I wanted to use was a tad to small but I thought I'd roll with it and give it ago anyway. So here's the finished article -

I also decided that the old broach on my black coat needed replacing so here's what I came up with from a couple of old scraps of felt -

My wonderful friend Harry gave me some wonderful fruit bushes last weekend. He gave me four "mystery currents" and a male and female kiwi plants. I planted out the currents this morning but couldn't decide where to plant the kiwi's so for now they'll have stay put in their pots.

I had to put some fleece around the plants as we have rather a lot of cats around here that like to use our garden as a litter tray.

This is our rather knobbly male kiwi plant that I'm yet to find a hole for.

The first seeds of the year are planted and tucked away into our greenhouse, three types of tomatoes (a cherry tomato, banana tomato and a vintage red and white tomato) also some early little gem lettuces.

These are our first veggie beds that my Mum and little sis Sammy helped me clear and dig last weekend. So far we've got shallots, white & red onions planted, next weekend I'll get some beetroots started.

Check out this wonderful rag rug kit I bought during the week -

I so can't wait to get started with this!! Woo for recycling!!

Just to keep you posted, you've probably guessed that the whole Weight Watchers thing hasn't been happening for a while, I started strong but my wonderful hubby kept throwing spanners in the works so I called it a day on the diet and focused on exercise. But Dan has put his foot down that Monday morning is a new week and a new leaf and time to diet! So to be a good wife I'm going along with him to support him as we really really need to get into shape. He's started really well and even went food shopping on his own and only bought healthy food!! I check with you tomorrow morning and tell you my start weight! :-)

I think thats all for now, so enjoy the gorgeous weather and I'll catch you tomorrow!

V x

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Happy Sunny Sunday!!

I thought I'd share share a bright beautiful plant with you on this bright and beautiful day. I have no idea what it is, my wonderful Gran gave it to me a couple of years ago but this year the flowers are more lovely than ever. If you know what it is please leave a comment for me.

Todays been great but rather hard work. It started off quite relaxing by starting a new knitting project - another scarf!! Lol It's more of a sampler as I'm going to try some different techniques, the first technique was casting on, this time I tried the 'sling shot' method and it worked first time!! After doing a couple of rows I decided to step it up a notch.

As it was a glorious day and I believe in making the most I  cleaned the front windows outside whilst I soaked up the sun - I have to say it was seriously hard work! I felt really bad about being so unfit I punished myself by mowing the back garden with my little push along mower. As we've only been living here 5 mins the grass is so overgrown so I only managed 1/3rd of the lawn and it took me over an hour!!

So last of all people enjoy your sunny Sunday!!
V x