Sunday, 20 May 2012

Crazy Kitty

So our crazy Sookie is sporting a new collar with 3 bells on it. Well we tried one to stop catching birds - didn't work so now she has 3 and all she's caught so far is a butterfly!

How do cats fall asleep in the most stupid positions?

She's just lovely!

V xx

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Happy First Birthday!

So it was Jazmines first birthday yesterday and she was one very spoilt gorgeous girl. We bought her a joint present, a three stage trike and she loved it!

Oh and also her favourite . . . . A helium filled foil balloon!

She had a doll birthday cake which she was in love with -

Happy First Birthday Jazmine!

V xxxx

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Friday, 11 May 2012

Bowl Full of Lemons Day 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14

Day 9 was meant to be tidying up toys, but as were both in our 20's with children i thought id skip this one!
So Day 10, again I've had to change this one. It's meant to be the Laundry Room but not many people over here have laundry rooms, but I sure would love one! So instead I did some washing, everyone knows that's a chore that's never ending!
Now, I didn't want show you a photo of before . . . . My dirty washing.
So here's after (well this is one load, 2 more to go!) -

After this my days and chore gotta bit muddled up! Day 11 I used to clean up my 'spice cabinet' to me that's just a spice rack! Heres the dust before -

And the spotless after -

Next was Day 12 'medicine cabinet' or to me was a medicine draw. I emptied the draw -

Checked all through the expiry dates and then found the remain few items a new home!

For Day 13 my chore was 'Under the Bathroom Sink' again these needed modification as I have nothing under my sink! So I chose my bathroom cabinet!
Before -

After -

Day 14 was all about Mail. We use a vintage style toast rack for our mail, it was used and abused before -

But now after sifting through all the junk -

Best transformation to date!

Stay tuned for more exciting cleaning! Lol
V xxx
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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Bowl Full of Lemons Day 5, 6, 7 & 8

Yes I know I'm rubbish! I've not had time to blog every day, I'm sorry!

So day 5 was under the sink, boring but needed doing.
Before -

And after :-) -

Day 6 was meant to be the dresser, I cleared mine out last month but the top needed doing again!
Before -

After -

Day 7 was the pantry, I don't have a 'pantry' so I cleared out our most used cupboard. Way overdue! A few things had to be thrown away.
Before -

After -

This is the last I have time to share now, Day 8 Coat Closet. In our house is doesn't get used all that much as we wear lots of hoodies, apparently that shows our age!
Before -

After -

Much better but our reusable bags look messy.

Thats all for now! Tomorrow I'll share 9-13!

V xxx

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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Sookie Monster

Arghhh don't you just love cats!?
Tonight Sookie has bought us a nasty fat worm! Followed by a vary cute fluffy little chick :-/ the chick is still alive, so we popped him outside by a bush, hoping that he'll fly off to Mummy Bird .....

I really hope he is ok.
V xx
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Monday, 7 May 2012

Craft Goodies and Randomness

Today I raided the 99p Store and Wilko for some craft supplies. Check out the haul!

I needed some pots or draws for clips and broach bars and I walked out with this little beauty for 99p -

I also needed jugs and rubber spatulas for soap, all of which were £1 in Wilko. And a huge box to keep my soap ingredients which was only £4.50 and a big note book for soapy ideas £1.45!
One of my lilies has decided to flower (well produce one flower) but how pretty is this -

The flower is huge for the size of the plant!
A few weeks ago I picked up a bargain pair of jeans from New Look and they weren't even in the sale. It wasn't until I tried them on at home that I found out the zip wasn't stitched on properly so I had to redo it, which only took 10 mins so I didn't mind. Then I tried them on with my biggest pair of heels to find that there still too long! I normally ware a 33-34" leg up to 36" if the heels are killer but these were still too bloody long! So today I took the hems up with the wonderful invention of hemming tape -

Note to self, try things on before you buy them! This rule payed off this morning as I tried on three pairs of trousers and one pair was huge, the second too small and the third were very unflattering - all three from the same shop! No wonder women take ages shopping!
Ooo and whilst I was out I picked up these gorgeous shoes! They should have been £19.50 reduced to £8.00, it was the only pair they had and I've wanted some this style for ages! It was meant to be!

That's enough randomness for one day!
Its 12.42am, time to sleep! Sleep well.
V xxx
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Saturday, 5 May 2012


So here's my gorgeous goose eggs that I bought in the week!

Two eggs took up the entire pan! To make sure they were cooked well I flipped them sunny side down but they still had to have runny yolks!

Hmmm great way to start the weekend, then off to walk it all off! :-D

V xxx

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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A Bowl Full of Lemons Day 3 & 4

So my day 3 challenge was my Tupperware cupboard. Here's by before -

I always struggled finding a lid to go with a tub and it drove me crazy but now -

Ta Da! I have space to move things and see things! :-D

My day 4 was my linen cupboard again this was hell!

But now -

Amazing or what!

On a random note, check out these beauties!

Ahhh amazing goose eggs, one of these weighed in at 180g! Love it!

Stay tuned for my day 5 - under the sink! :-/

V xxx

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