Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wooo lets hear the love for felt!!!

As promised I have made a little something from my new felt stash, but I must confess it's a necklace not a bracelet! Sorry! This was mega easy to make and I seriously love the finished item!

1) I used doubled up cotton and the longest needle I could find to thread the felt stars together -
(excuse my bottle of beer I just could resist it!)

2) Attach a length on ribbon to the ends 

3) Ta Da!! Its as easy as one two three!! I look mega tired it's been a very long day!!

What do you think?  Any ideas of what I can do with the last 4 stars?

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I am so rubbish!! I've been so busy with moving house and decorating the old place (in hope of getting the full deposit back) that I really haven't had the chance to blog anything!! Well thats ending now!!

Whilst out and about with my BBF on Saturday I braved going into my favourite shop ever . . . Home Sweet Home in Sherborne check it out -

I just had to buy these gorgeous felt balls and stars they were screaming out to me!

The stars will be made into two necklaces and the balls into at least one bracelet. Tomorrow night I'll make at least one item with these and blog about it.

Friday I have to make my hubby a Birthday cake and he has requested a cake based on the game Fallout . . . . I have really got my work cut out but I'll blog as I go I have a few ideas under my sleeve so watch this space!! Saturday for my hubby's birthday we're having a house party so I need to get cleaning and unpacking oh and bake some cupcakes!!

Also I have a baby shower to go to at the weekend and I have volunteered to make some vintage bunting so before Sunday I have to dig out my sewing machine and get to work!! I also have to bake some super cute cupcakes. I have my work cut out this week thats for sure!!

Wooo full of fun and non stop!!

Vixie xx