Sunday, 16 December 2012

Butterfly Birthday Cake

Busy busy week again but I still had time to make my Mum a gorgeous cake -

Chocolate sponge, Galaxy Cookie buttercream, dark chocolate ganache and topped off with a white chocolate crunch butterfly.

Soo yummy :-D

We also picked up another male leopard gecko yesterday. Photos to follow.

V xx

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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Hard Weekend

So this weekend is has been very tough. We had our hearts set on something and had started to get excited about a big change but the problem is that its all set on the choice that someone else makes. A choice that's not ours but can change the path of our life.

Trying not to be all gloomy I set to wrapping my mums birthday present ready for next week. Out came some old wrapping paper, a hot glue gun and my jar of ribbons. And the is the result -

To be honest I really surprised myself as this was the first crafty thing I've done for months!

Gorgeous and reusable! I really enjoyed making it, think I might make another as a tutorial :-D

Back to work tomorrow. How I live for the weekends. Real shame that this one doesn't have the bight finish I was hoping for.

V x

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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Disappearing Act

This time I have to say I did a very long disappearing act!

Thinks have really taken off with me breeding Leopard Geckos. Take a look here - South West Geckos

I've had a 11 hatchlings this year, more than I dreamt I'd have. Last week my last two eggs hatched -

Plans are going strong for next year, super excited.

These guys have taken up most of my spare time so crafting has taken a back burner but art and photography are creeping back into my life! :-D

This morning was a really heavy frost, turned my garden into a thing of beauty -

All being well we're going to be moving house in the new year which will involve a huge clear out :-/ but clear home clear mind. To me the key is storage.

Stay tuned, I won't be long this time! Promise!

V xx

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Gecko Mummy

Great news people. I'm a leopard gecko mummy! If you remember I breed two of my geckos this year and the first ever eggs Nyx laid everyone told me they wouldn't be fertile. I thought that there's no harm in incubating them just incase.

I thought that they've been getting bigger but didn't want to get my hopes up. I've been checking them every morning and night. When I got home from work I had a little surprise.

This time I have to say to all the 'experts' that you're wrong! Today both of those eggs hatched after 49 days in the incubator 82 oF. Check out these photos of my first gecko babies!

This one was waiting for me when I got home, she's so bright in real life -

Then this little one started breaking free -

This is just after she came right out -

Now running on these dates, I'm hoping that the next two eggs will hatch in about two weeks.

I'll keep you updated!

V xxx

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Memory Box

A memory box is something I believe everyone should have. Just for keep random little items gathered through life. I felt like I had out grown my little memory boxes and it was time to get a new big box to replace it.

Here's my old small tatty boxes -

And my nice new big box -

On my travel sorting through my memories I stumbled across a few thing that made me smile from ear to ear. Some of which I'm going to share with you.

My first ever 'pots' thrown on a potters wheel when I was 12 years old -

An aluminium case that my Dad made to put the water bottle for my degu in, an attempt to stop them chewing the bottle. As you can see it failed -

A seahorse that was A gift to me from my aunt about 15 years ago -

All the gig tickets and festival wrist bands that I've managed to keep-

A random photo of me helping out at lambing time on a farm, when i was 16. I was so in my element, so happy and content -

My Hubby when I he was 16 when we'd first met -

And me at the same age -

But my new box is already nearly full, in the top you can see my school leaving top and my bridesmaid dress from my Dads wedding-

That's all for now.

V xxx

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Friday, 3 August 2012

Olympics 2012 London

So after trying and trying to get tickets, we did it!

On Wednesday we saw two matches of handball, including GB playing Brazil! We lost but it wasn't the end of the world.

Here's some photos of the highlights -

You know it's going to be a good day when the second you get off the train promotors give you a strawberry split!

Amazing Coca-Cola building

What's known as the Pringle

Most amazing use of storage containers, BBC studio

Inside the Copper Box, the handball area

Most amazing floor ever! I want it!

Live music all day in the best looking stage ever

One lucky hubby

One unimpressed me for having my photo taken :-/

A very long but very fun day!

V xx

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Monday, 30 July 2012

Ahhh Bliss

So with a whole week off work, what should I do with myself?

Watching lots of the Olympics - check
Getting annoyed with not being able to get tickets - check
Clothes washing - check
Random photos - check

Who could ever call such a striking flower a weed?!

Cleaning - check
Clearing out - check
Running - check
Buying yet more leopard geckos - check

I know I know, my collection now totals 9 leopard geckos! Best thing is they're all different morphs and all gorgeous! These two are adults, I'll blog tomorrow with photos and more info of them :-D maybe one day soon I'll share with you my plan!

Sleep well

V xxx

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