Sunday, 29 April 2012

Day 2 A Bowl Full of Lemons Challenge

Days challenge was my craft room desk. As you can see from the before photos is covered in plants which due to the wonderful British weather still can't be planted out!

Then there's the shelves underneath that needed some TLC.

So the Sookies old cat bed and bowls have gone on Freegle in hope of a new home. Then the rest tidied up! How's this for progress -

Day 3 of my challenge is my dreaded Tupperware cupboard! :-/
This weekends weather has been shocking. We've lost a fence panel and our neighbours have lost 2 and things are set to be worse tonight!
I hope everyone stays safe in the flooding and gales.
V xxx
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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Day 1 A Bowl Full of Lemons Challenge

So yesterday was day one of my challenge and I tackled my craft room draws. Here's the before photos -

One hell of a jumbled mess. And this is the after -

One draw for games.

One for packaging.

One for crafty nic nacs.

I found a few beauties along my way -

Gorgeous fabric samples.

Gorgeous silk off cuts from kimonos.

Wonderful sequin embellishments I bought for a dress that never happen. I WILL be using them in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for my day 2 challenge! This should be the computer desk BUT we don't have a computer desk so I will be doing my craft desk!

V xxx

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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

21 Day Challenge

So. It's Spring, the weather is . . . . . wet. That means a perfect time for cleaning and clearing out!

On my random blog searching and reading I stumbled across A Bowl Full of Lemons
And their wonderful challenge to get organised and declutter.

My challenge is starting Friday with the junk draw - or in my case draws in my craft room desk. Now you are ment to have Sundays off but as I work full time and have Thursday evenings occupied so Thursdays will be my days off.

Stay tuned for before and after photos! :-D

Oh and on the note of clearing out - Harry I still have that massive bag of make-up for you!

V xxx

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Monday, 23 April 2012

Gecko Shock

So . . . . Today I can home from work and found out after lots of research that my lively Yoshi was not what I thought. I know Yoshi is a male name but when we bought her she had such a lovely super fat tail typical of a female. Well maybe it was destiny as Yoshi is not a she but a he! And Nyx is gravid (expecting eggs) which for me is way to young so I have separated them to stop any more underage naughtiness! But Leopard Geckos store sperm so will most likely have more eggs after these.

I have set up my incubator super quick as I have no idea when she'll lay her eggs. It may have been an accident but will learn from it and will not let these potentially fertile eggs go to waste.

This is Yoshi's underside you really have to look close to see his spores and lumps -

This is Nyx and what would appear to be her first ever egg -

I'm on an emergency hunt tomorrow for some sterile soil to make a nest for her.

Exciting but scary stuff!

I'll keep you updated.

V xxx

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Monday, 9 April 2012

Bank Holiday Monday

Ah what a day. We headed off after a couple of chores to Cabot Circus in Bristol for a little bit of retail therapy. Followed by a bite to eat in the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, here's our sharing sides -

Check out the size of these bad boys -

Here's Hubby's, he went for a BBQ burger with a helping of goats cheese -

Mine was also a BBQ burger but I went 'naked' (without a bun) but it came with a side salad and proper coleslaw. I went for a helping of extra mature cheddar to top it off -

After this mountain of food we resisted the urge for afters in our usual spot -

V xx

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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Gecko Update

This fella was my first Leopard Gecko. I believe he is a Super Hypo? His name is Leonidas (Leo) this is just before we first bought him home when he was named Coleman -

Leo as he is today -

Such a handsome man.
And these are his soon to be hareem (lucky man).
This is Nyx who is a High Yellow, formally named Speckle. First photo is just when we collected her -

This photo is when we had her for a couple of months -

This is today, what a plump madam! She's friendly but very fisty!

Third in my collection was Yoshi, who still has the same name as when we bought her. She's a Tremper Albino. This is from the day we collected her -

And this is today -

She's so chilled out and friendly not to mention gorgeous!
Fourth was Marla who I've STILL not got a new name for :-( she's a Sunglow Het Emerine (I think). This from just before we collected her -

And this is today, she's very placid and super friendly.

And lastly is Talula which again is her original name but it suits her so well. She's a normal Leopard Gecko but still very beautiful, she always comes out say hello. She's the odd girl with 6 fingers on one hand!

She was very flighty first off but now she's perfect.

I am hoping to start breeding some of the older geckos this year, I already have my first request for a baby! Exciting stuff!
V xx
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Happy Easter!

I hope everyone's having a lovely Easter Sunday and a lovely break from work. Don't forget to call you older relatives to share Easter wishes.

As a treat we bought some gorgeous fresh tulips for our lounge and I had to share their beauty with you -

They are by far my most favourite flowers, simple but elegant and bold.

Last night we had a house party but today was about the two of us. We had a lovely lamb roast followed by chilling with the tv an each other. Bliss.

V xx

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Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Purky Party

So sum up Harry's wonderful Purky party in photos before all the guests arrived -

Don't you just love how i manage to avoid all photos? :-D

I even managed to make myself a wee Purky orientated crafty hair accessory for the even. But right now after a stressful day I'm simply too worn out so that my friends will have to wait for another day.

Sleep well.

V xx

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