Thursday, 27 January 2011

Things To Make In February!!

All these are so amazing I've got to make them all of them!!

I so have to make this for a baby shower I'm going to this month, super cute!!

Lets hear a huge yay for blogs!!! Woooo yeah!!!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Crafty Wednesday Night

With the help of my hubby reading the instructions I taught myself to cast off so my scarf is finished!! Yay for knitting, it's official I am addicted to knitting!! Next is a little blanket for my niece thats on the way.

Its longer than it looks, I wrapped it around twice so it's extra snug!!

Whilst cooking tea I thought I'd make a wee broach, so simple but to cute. It was trial and error this time, so next time I'll pop on here a step by step if anyone fancies giving it a try. It's such a great way to use up scraps of fabric -

Not bad for using a bit of spare time to give a crafty happy end to a rather bad day.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Weekly News Update . . . . .

Well it's Tuesday night which could only mean one thing for me . . . . . . . Weigh Watchers!! :-/
After not going last week I was rather worried but I had no need to be, I lost 3 1/2 pounds!! Woooo thats takes my weight loss to just over half a stone this month, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy with that!
So happy that as soon as I got home I went on the treadmill for the second night in a row - mainly because I wanted to watch the next episode of Vampier Diaries!!

My first knitting project is very nearly finished I now have one very long scarf (it's longer than I an tall) the only think is I have to work out how to cast off! I'm not too sure a knitting needle is the ultimate accessory at the moment.

I also completed my first clothing project . . . my skirt I vowed in my last blog to make. I made it on Sunday but have been rather too busy to blog about it. So here it is -

Here's the link if you fancy giving it a go

The hardest part of the whole thing was trying to sew on a machine in a circle as they only really designed to go in straight lines, so I spent a while unpicking mistakes! But I think the overall finished garment looks nice. What do you think?

I went for my walk Saturday but not with my hubby, I failed miserably trying to get him out so I called on Harry (my life saver!). Off to King Alfred's we went at 9:30 for a wonderful 2 hour stroll, it was a mega cold frosty morning but luckily I was prepared with a big thermos of hot chocolate - low fat/sugar hot chocolate of course! I would show you some pictures but I've just found out the

Check out this for an ice sculpture, we saw it whilst on our lunch break walking into town it was a perfect square -

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

So my week in a nut shell . . . . . .

Well lets start with the positives -

I've finally got around to separating a double bed spread that a bought a few weeks ago mega cheap. It took a few hours but good practice as I've never used seam rippers before. I thought the red half would make a gorgeous skirt and the white would make a nice table runner & napkins as it 100% cotton and feels really good quality. So my first task for the weekend coming up is to turn this red fabric into a skirt!! This could get messy!! LOL

I also had a random idea of turning some odd buttons into some stud earrings so I did -

They are super cute!! The most rewarding two minuets ever!!

I must now get to the bad bits of my week . . .

I didn't go to Weight Watchers I've been feeling super poorly this week (well for most of this month) and after going to the doctors last night and being prodded and poked I really didn't feel up to going out. SO I really have to go next week as I'm trying super hard to stick to the diet.

Also had to cancel on my Stitch 'n' Bitch session with Harry last night as I felt poop :-( Now I'm having withdrawal symptoms!! I tried to make up for it by seam ripping and knitting for a few hours, I'll update you on my knitting soon.

My second task for the weekend is to try and convince my Hubby to go for a mega long walk with me Saturday morning - if you know my hubby you know that I've got my work cut out but I really need to get out and absorb some country air!

To end on a slightly better note (well better for my waist line anyway)! Even though I was ill I still went on the treadmill Sunday to watch the last of Food Inc - 45 mins. I also went on it tonight to watch an episode of Vampier Diaries which was only 40 mins by the time you cut the breaks out!! But hey it was better than nothing!!

Oh and I nearly forgot to mention, my Gran LOVED her lavender elephant!! It really cheered her up, she was going to put in a clothes draw but though it smelt too lovely to shut it way so she popped it on her knitting table to sniff away at. Bless her.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


1) BREAKING Weight Watchers NEWS!!

Week ones over and out, what are the results I hear you all say . . . . . a loss (yay) of . . . . . . . 4lbs!! Wooo yeah!! I am surprised it was so much as I did have a takeaway although I did count it not to mention a couple of bits I couldn't count. It's defiantly set me up for another good week bring it on!!

2) BREAKING NEWS Moving House!!

After looking at a bungalow to rent on Monday we've decided it's the one for us! We now have a date for moving 29/01!! Exciting stuff but lots to organise and not much time!


My creative BBF Harry has taught me successfully how to knit!! After an hour of our Stitch and Bitch session I could knit on my own. Take a peek at it now -

The only bad thing is I started with 10 stitches and I currently have 12!! Woops
Thank you for your patients dude!!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Little task for Sunday & diet update

Next Saturday I'm off to see my Gran, I've not seen her for 4 months since our wedding. I really wanted to make her a little something to show that I've been thinking of her. My skills aren't very good at the moment but I wanted to try so I decided on a lavender bag - we'll not so much a bag but an elephant!

1) I stitched a simple bag to pop the lavender in. The I cut out two elephant shapes from felt and started to stitch them together with some embroidery thread.

2) When I was half way round I popped the lavender bag inside then finished sewing.

3) I added the buttons for eyes. This was a little tricky as I should have added the buttons  before stitching the elephant together.

It looks better in person than in these photo's but it does look a little shabby but I'm sure my Gran will like it - mainly because it smells amazing!! Yay for lavender!!

Diets not been too bad over the weekend, I've tried to track every little thing. The only thing I've not tracked was last night. . . . . . we had Chinese BUT I was good and only had a chicken chow mein and a vegetable curry which was within my points allowance oh and 3 sweet and sour chicken balls oops I couldn't resist!! Todays going to be extra healthy as I'm making roast pumpkin soup in a bit with a pumpkin from my allotment. It's 15:48 and I've not even been outside yet so I'm going to take a stroll in a min to get some fresh air.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow (after work of course) as I'm off to Harry's for a knitting lesson or as he likes to call it a Bitch and Stitch session. A couple of months ago I bought a rather basic learn to knit scarf kit and after looking at the instructions I immediately put it down as it looked so complicated. But Harry's come to rescue and promised to show me how to use get started tomorrow. :-) Cheers Dude!!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

First project completed!! Cupcake Wreath!!

After meeting up with my most creative friend I was all inspired to come home and make something. I really wanted to have something to show for my weekend and here it is.
This is a huge achievement for me, my first project completed and mega impressed with the results!! What do you think?

Heres how I did it -
1) Get a half polystyrene 25cm wreath cover with some ribbon using a glue gun to stick the ribbon to the wreath. I used a splodge of glue every 4 turns.
2) Start adding the cupcake papers, holding them buy the bottom fold in four the add a little glue and stick in place. This was trial and error in the end I found it easier to start in the middle and work out to the edge.

3) Once you've gone all the way round and are happy its even it's time to add the ribbon to the back. Again using the glue gun to attach.

4) For the final touches I turned 2 different sized cupcake papers inside out and glued the smallest one inside the bigger one then added a button to the centre. Glue onto the wreath where you want then hey presto . . . . .

I used up 200 paper cases, 2 glue sticks and a four hours of my time on tis puppy!! But it looks fab in our kitchen!

So a huge huge thanks to my BBF Harry so inspiring me! Check out his Blog -

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Second day of Weight Watchers

Well it's two days down and still going strong, keeping to my points perfectly I've used 4 of my weekly points so far. I've decided that the evenings are my down fall, last night I munched 5 Weight Watchers Caramel Mellows which took me over by 3 points and tonight is Twiglets left over from Christmas which took me 1 point over - thank goodness for those weekly points!!

I had exciting post today . . . . . . those dresses finally turned up from eBay all 24 of them! Check this lot out -

I'll post some more pictures of the dresses at the weekend when I have time to try them all on, but looking through them has certainly got my creative juices going I'm full of ideas. I'd better get back on the sewing machine, I need on the practice I can get!

Thats not all . . . . . . Hobby Craft delivered too! Super fast but I'm a little annoyed though as the ribbon I ordered must have been out of stock so they didn't post it :-( mega sad as I have everything else for my cupcake wreath so I'll have to try and hunt some down at the weekend.

I've been a super good today and spent 45 minuets on the treadmill whilst watching Food Inc. What a great eye opening film, I can't wait to watch the rest on my next treadmill session!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Weight Watchers & Crafty Bits

I started Weight Watchers again today after going a bit wild for a couple of months. All I can say is that its starting to take it's toll! After working out my current weight etc my official first goal is to lose 1 stone but my first personal goal is to lose 7lbs. I'm really confident about it all with this new diet and with exercise it'll be a doddle. I think the hardest thing will be coming off the sugar as for the last couple of weeks I've been eating so much sugar laden food.
So I have a whole 34 points a day with an extra 49 over the week.
My week days are going to start with porridge made with skimmed milk, snacks will be two satsumas and a banana. As for lunch until I go shopping tomorrow night it's going to be rather boring - a marmite sandwich on wholemeal bread with a muller light yogurt and a bag of weight watcher crisps.
Tea is going to be full of variety to keep me going as I'm a huge foodie. Tomorrow night is a vegetable stir fry in an oyster sauce with egg noodles and a grilled fillet of salmon. After all that I'm still left with 5 points to have a nibble in the evening.
As I need to go food shopping tomorrow night the treadmill will have to wait until Thursday night but I've already got a film lined up to watch as an attempt to make the time go a little faster. I'm aiming for 45 minuets a time at a walk/jog pace.

Today I ordered a few bits for my craft box to make a "cupcake wreath" for our kitchen - here's my inspiration
Our kitchen is red and black so I'm going to use red polkadot and black polkadot cases which a white inside to break the colour up a little. I had to buy a hot glue gun, heat proof matt, ribbon, a wreath and the cupcake cases. I can't wait to make a start when its all delivered - the best bit was that Hobby Craft are having a huge sale! Wooo for Hobby Craft!!!

Sunday, 2 January 2011



Well I've just threaded the machine up and tried stitching - I have to confess it took 2 attempts to thread the needle properly, the instructional DVD went so quickly I kinda missed a couple of steps but it was easily rectified. This is my gorgeous new BBF -

After a bit of messing around with the different types of stitches I tried changing the foot to a button foot then tried stitching a button whole - lets just say that's going to take a little more practice. But to end my first session I thought I really need to have something small to show for it so I made this little fella -
What is you ask . . . . . . I don't know!! LOL I'm going to turn him into the inside of little lavender bag to put in my undies draw. I'll post pictures to show you how that goes. This is the inside of the bag -
Considering I made it from a scrap of old fabric I don't think it looks too shabby. I'm really convinced that this is going to be something that I'm good at.

My vintage clothes that I bought from eBay still haven't turned up despite email the seller twice until they do show up I don't have anything to work with so I'm going to focus on making bits for around the house, this little lavender bag being the first. So for the next steps on this puppy stay tuned but for now I'm off to to get ready for the pub.

Happy New Year!!!! . . . . . A day later than planned

Although last year held some very happy memories it also held some very sad ones. So much happened through one year its really hard to believe. . . . . the first half of the year a close relative found out at 46 they had a heart condition, he's slim, active, eats well but after tests found out his body produces too much cholesterol and had to have an urgent quadruple heart-by pass. It all happened so fast everyone around him was in shock it was a really hard time for everyone. Then my Gran had a hip replacement at 79 closely followed by my Great Uncle having a knee operation. Then it was my wedding which we had been planning for 2 years this was also a really hard time as my hubby's Mum - now my Mother-in-Law threatening to ruin everything for us (luckily that didn't happen and the day was beautiful!). Very closely followed by my older brother finding out he's expecting a baby! This is the first baby on my side of the family for years so it's mega exciting!! Lets hope this New Year is full of more happy memories and no sad ones!!

A day later than planned for this blog but thats what happens when you have guests staying for 2 weeks!
I unwrapped my gorgeous Brother Sewing machine on Christmas day and started to read the manual. The whole thing went over my head as I've never used one before, so on Monday I went shopping for a beginners book along with scissors, cotton, buttons etc to really get started. So today is the day I'm going to get this puppy started for the first time wooo!!

However before I can get it started we have to go and buy my hubby a new wedding ring as he lost his a month ago and we cant find it anywhere! So I'll be back very soon to tell you how my sewing machine test drive went!!