Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Front & Back Garden 11.07.11

So......this is my rather neglected front garden before I've done any work to it this week :-S and yes I am ashamed.

The only thing I keep up with is mowing the lawn. Which I have to add is hard work and time consuming as I only have a wee push along lawn mower. Trying to be green, save a few pennies and get some exercise I've refused to buy an electric one.

I plan to pull up most of the flower beds as they're full of nasty ground cover. Any nice plants will be staying along with any big bushes. I'm not strong enough to get them out alone plus most of them are on the inventory!

It's boring, overgrown and so very dull! I'm looking to freshen it all up a little and get some colour in some how. The main thing that I think I'll struggle with is keeping the cats off as they seem to love freshly dug soil! Any chicken friendly solutions would be greatly received!

This is my back garden which isn't so important as the front because very few people get to see it. However I need to do it because it makes me depressed, having the space that I've craved for for years, but burying my head in the sand due to all the work it needs!

I know it's a shocking waste of glorious space! The truth is other than the age old excuse of being busy (in other words lazy) is that as we are only renting this place I don't want to spend time and money improving things to then be told we have to move out. Then my hard work will have gone to waste. Does that make any sense?

But I'm going to bite the bullet and get on with it, starting with the front garden closely followed by the back garden. Due to the size of the back garden though I will break it down into bite size chunks! I'm thinking of using bark chips and ground sheets (to stop the weeds) around the trees and bushes rather than filling in with hundreds of little plants like it is now. Keep things a little less cluttered and a bit more simple.

The hard work starts in the morning!

Any ideas and tips will be greatly received!

V x

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