Saturday, 31 March 2012

Gorgeous Gecko

So I has to share this cute photo of my youngest gecko . . . . Who does yet have a name :-(

She was having a doze then heard me and popped her head out to say hello!

Help me think of a name for here, she's a Sunglow het Emerine and super friendly and calm. :-) I love my geckos!

V xx

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Monday, 26 March 2012

Beautiful Weekend

After a gorgeous, sunny and hot weekend I thought I'd show you some of the lovely flowers blooming in my gardens -

My rhubarb is doing great -

And here is some of my haul from the garden centre on Saturday -

And my Angels Trumpet I bought a couple of weeks ago -

Agh love the sunshine.

V xx

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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Soap Glorious Soap

A day late but better late than never! So here's my rose soaps -

And a rose cupcake, I LOVE THEM, they're so cute -

Then my tea tree soap, my first attempt at swirling wasn't so good! LOL -

I also tried my first bath bomb which was the lemon and lime, which hazel base. I have to say that it didn't fizz and dissolve as I would have liked but it smelt amazing!

I've just treated myself to some 'proper' soap molds :-)
Hubby wasn't to happy though! :-(

V x

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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Wow another busy weekend!

So this weekend has well and truly flown by. With it being Mothers Day on Sunday I wanted to make something person for my mum and my Hubby's step-mum. But it had to be something quick - so I decided on bath bombs as they only need to dry over night.

I made two types, one which was scented with lemon and lyme essential oil made with witch hazel. The other was lavender essential oil made with sweet almond oil and water.

Both of these were coloured with mineral mica but it's hard to get a good photo of the true colour.

Here's the lemon and lime with marigold petals -

I have to confess I forgot to take a photo of the lavender ones that were shaped like feet before I gave them away. This one had lavender flowers in too. This is a picture of the tiny one made with leftovers -

So after I made these on Saturday I was in the mood for more creations! So I made rose flavoured cold process soap. This didn't go quite to plan, I used rose coloured mica in the whole batch and by the time it reached trace you couldn't even tell there was anything added! Oops! I had a bit leftover so I made some wee cupcakes -

So attempt two at using mineral mica in cold process soap was a batch of tea tree soap. Again all natural and palm free recipe made with olive oil, Shea butter and coconut oil. This time I divided out a small amount to colour with mica and layered and swirled -

Join me tomorrow for the grand cutting of the soap!

V xx

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Busy Week

Sorry for my lack of blogging over the last week, it's been somewhat busy in the Apsey house!
Friday after work I discussed that I should bake two more cakes for the weekend as we were off to see my Gran and my Dad. I couldn't discuss which to go for so I backed a chocolate and coffee one again - I had leftover ingredients.
Saturday morning we left at 8:30am to be at my Grans in Crawley for 11, it was so lovely to see her but a little upsetting at the same time.
We then headed onwards to my Dads in Herne Bay, Kent. We arrived around 3:00pm and after a long chat we all headed out for a walk with his dogs. He's so lucky to live somewhere like this -

We all had good old fish and chips for tea Saturday night.
Sunday morning was another early one, we went out to watch the demolition of three old cooling towers and chimney Richborough Power Station near Sandwich . We thought it would be best to watch from a distance so we didn't get covered in all the dust and soot. The photos weren't too great as we all forgot to take a camera so had to make do with a phone!
Before -

During -

After -

The noise after was absolutely amazing, such a loud deep boom. More amazing was the sound delay from seeing the towers falling to the boom a few seconds afterwards!
It was great to watch this to see the end of an era and a promising future for the land where this old power station once stood.
After this at 9am we went out to walk the dogs again then off for Sunday lunch before a relaxed drive home.
A wonderful, busy, productive weekend. :-D
V xx
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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Cake glorious cake

So yesterday was a very bad day at work. So I decided to cheer myself up by baking cakes! I really wanted coffee but hubby doesn't like coffee so I had to make 2! One chocolate and one coffee! Lol

And right now the coffee one tastes soo good!

On an odd note you have to check out this song. It's so amazing and I really think everyone whose ever been heartbroken can relate to it. Its by Christina Perri and called Jar of Hearts. LOVE IT!

V xxx

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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Here's a random story

So my Dad used to have a dog called Stella who 9 years ago had puppies. One day my dad came home from work to find that Stella had randomly vanished never to be seen again. But her puppies and a big male dog still there. He lived in a rural location and there used to be lots of dog thefts and trouble with 'travellers'. He was devastated but put it down to her being stollen or hit by a car.

So about 9 years later on Monday afternoon (Monday just gone) he received a phone call to say that a council dog warden had picked up Stella! He arranged to go and pick her up later in the week - he no longer lives in that county. But before he got there someone else collected Stella, we can only assume it was the people who had been 'looking after' her for the past 9 years! So despite the fact she had a microchip registered with my Dad she was handed over to someone else!

My Dad is mortified to have come so close to getting his Stella back to only have missed her by hours. Now do you think the council was right to hand this dog over to someone they knew the dog wasn't registered to? They were are that she was stollen and he has all her paperwork. They were aware that who ever she was with hasn't been taking great care of her due to overgrown claws etc.

We think it's horrendous and my Dads taking legal advise to try and get her back. God does our country suck when it comes to having rights!


V xxxx

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Friday, 2 March 2012

Special Delivery!

A treat for when I came home . . . . . My delivery from was there waiting for me!

Check out the size of this box -

Here we're all my goodies -

I bought enough for a couple more batches of soap, bath salts and bath bombs! If you can't tell I'm loving this whole soap thing! :-) I need to find somewhere to buy some cheap spray bottles and I need the essential oils I ordered to be delivered then I'm all set for round two! Super excited!

Thank you for being so great and to DPD who always deliver on time! :-)

Keep an eye out for my next soapy blog!

So February has been and gone. I made a pie (fish pie) and learnt a new craft (making soap) but my weight loss hasn't happened as I've been super busy and stressed - not a good combo for losing weight! I also sold my treadmill to raise some dosh so I've not been on that either! :-( But it's a new month which started with a class of Zumba so I'm not giving up!

Chat soon.

V xxx

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Ever wake up in the morning on the wrong side of the bed and simply lose the will to live? That's me today, everything is annoying the hell out of me! Ahhhh and now I have to go to work which is bad enough on a normal day!


V xx

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