Saturday, 8 January 2011

First project completed!! Cupcake Wreath!!

After meeting up with my most creative friend I was all inspired to come home and make something. I really wanted to have something to show for my weekend and here it is.
This is a huge achievement for me, my first project completed and mega impressed with the results!! What do you think?

Heres how I did it -
1) Get a half polystyrene 25cm wreath cover with some ribbon using a glue gun to stick the ribbon to the wreath. I used a splodge of glue every 4 turns.
2) Start adding the cupcake papers, holding them buy the bottom fold in four the add a little glue and stick in place. This was trial and error in the end I found it easier to start in the middle and work out to the edge.

3) Once you've gone all the way round and are happy its even it's time to add the ribbon to the back. Again using the glue gun to attach.

4) For the final touches I turned 2 different sized cupcake papers inside out and glued the smallest one inside the bigger one then added a button to the centre. Glue onto the wreath where you want then hey presto . . . . .

I used up 200 paper cases, 2 glue sticks and a four hours of my time on tis puppy!! But it looks fab in our kitchen!

So a huge huge thanks to my BBF Harry so inspiring me! Check out his Blog -

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  1. Vix, that is so beautiful and cool! I am dead impressed :D It kind of makes me think of flamenco dancers and the can can with all the ruffles from the cupcake cases :)

    I had best get on and make something to post up on my blog hadn't I?