Wednesday, 13 July 2011

So Day Number Two

I impressed myself last night by going home and cracking on with things in the garden, leaving Hubby to cook tea. Which is where he surprised me - the chilli was lush!

This morning went just as well as yesterday. I managed to stay out of bed after doing the chickens and hopped to it in the front garden! I've now stripped and dug the first flower bed at the front of the house (which is the biggest in the front garden) and yes a couple of cats did leave me little parcels last night. Grrrr.

Things are coming on great, I'm really excited. My hubby's not at lease pleased that I've told him we need to go to a plant nursery soon! His worst nightmare is garden centres! Haha.

It's obviously a good workout as I ache like anything today, mainly by bum from squatting whilst pulling plants up but also my back :-/

Tonight I'm having a bit of a break from gardening as I have to make some cupcakes for the guys at work as tomorrow is my last day in their department. I'll do a little blog about them either tonight or tomorrow. I've got to make them super cute as some of the girls at work a really girly! I've got a thing about butterflies at the moment so I might just have to include a few in the decorations.

I do however have to pick up all the plants that I dug up this morning, I've been bad and not tidied up after myself.

Again I had enough time to make lunch but this time I even cooked breakfast! We've got a mountain of eggs to get through, I used 6 for our breakfast and I've still got a dozen and a half left! I best get cooking!

Food wise this week I've been quite good, I'm not being super strict with myself as I am doing exercise and I need to be flexible because of my hubby. So my aim is to be super duper good through the day And a little relaxed in the evening.

I've looked into even more willow weaving courses it looks so nice! I've found a local course but the first Saturday date they have is in October :-s I don't know if I can wait that long? There's one which is a closer location and a near date but they're charging about £25 more for the course which is the same length of time! Unbelievable really. I'd love 1-2-1 tuition if any one knows a weaver?

Best get back work!

V x

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