Friday, 13 May 2011

Yes but Noooooooo . . . . . .

Yes it's the weekend woooo yeah!

Nooooooo True Blood book 11 is almost finished! :-( I really wanted to take my time reading but it's so so good that I've just gone for it! I've got about 20 pages left and I'm gutted. But at least it's been really good I'd be mega pissed if it was bad!

Weekend Agenda -

I'm staying in tonight to watch the film Burlesque with my hubby with an amazing box of Hotel Chocolat.

This weekend is time to get physical. Tomorrow, I have to mow the front and back garden with our push along lawn mower as well as dig over the next part of my veg patch. Tomorrow night we're off clubbing, I'm planning on dancing the night away without drinking the amount that I used to there's no point in drink the calories I'm burning! Sunday all being well Harry and I are off for rather a long bike ride to King Alfred's Tower this is about a 20 mile round cycle. We're going to fly a kite and hopefully a healthy little picnic! I'll post pictures over the weekend.

V x

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