Friday, 20 May 2011

Craft Project - Laundry Bin

A couple of weeks ago I had a DIY weekend and said that I wanted to make liner to go into our new laundry bin (designed as a table from Ikea) but I ran out of time. Here it is built -

I already had this fabric and I will be dying it at a later date to coordinate with our bedroom. Firstly I ironed the fabric then measured the sides and stitched them together -

I then measured the bottom and attached it in the same way. This is the finished item -

I took me all of an hour but I have to confess I was really nervous as I'm not at all experienced. I was surprised at how straight forward it was and I love the result!! But I have to say it's rather odd that the fabric I bought from eBay has turned out to be an Ikea design! Wooo for Ikea!!

V x

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