Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Weight Loss Update

Thought I'd give you a wee update and tell the world that I lost 2lbs last week. Which I was very surprised about for a couple of reasons - heavy drinking on Saturday and a box of Hotel Chocolat chocolates! :-)

So this week I have promised myself to lose 3lbs. I'm back to Zumba on Thursday after 2 weeks off for voting etc. I'm also mowing the gardens and going for a walk every lunch break which I have to admit is only a mile but it's better than sitting on my bum! I'm desperately trying to find my pedometer which has been missing since we moved! As soon as I find it I'll be starting my own challenge of walking a minimum of 5,000 steps per day - doesn't sound much but it is when you sit on your bum all day.

I'm at the end of day two of a new diet week and so far so good! I've even eaten 3 fudge bars but included them in my points like a good girl! :-)

On a random note people keep commenting on my outfit from Saturday night. Although said people keep calling my dress a top! Making me super paranoid that my dress was too short! :-S Cringe!

V x

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