Saturday, 7 May 2011

Busy Busy Fun Fun Weekend!

We have so much DIY to do around the house, this weekend I'm aiming to get the majority done starting with a chest of draws. Last weekend we decided to take a trip to Ikea as we're desperate for a chest of draws in our bedroom. Having not had one since we moved our bedroom has been a mega mess! Check this out for evidence -

Yes I know it's shameful but don't fret, today we will make the chest of draws be bought in Ikea and all this will magically vanish! I will reveal all tomorrow!

We also have a mountain of mirrors and pictures to put up which will be put up on Sunday, there's one for the lounge, dinning room and spare bedroom, pictures to go up in the bathroom, two curtain rails to put up, a canvas painting for the hall way, a bathroom cabinet and a jewellery holder to go up in our bedroom! Ahhh the list is getting bigger!

And last but not least I want to try a fabric lining for our new laundry bin. We bought this in Ikea, it's meant to be a table but I think it'll make a better laundry bin once it's got a bag liner which with my nifty sewing machine shouldn't take long and I've got loads of fabric to choose from! Here's the before -

I wont bother to show you our current one as it's a nasty cheap pop up one from Primark and it's all broken!
So thats my todo list! Woooo for DIY. Stay tuned for the after pictures! lol

V x

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