Sunday, 22 May 2011

Things To Do - Check List

Crafty/DIY -

  1. Craft Room Curtains
  2. Make a Chicken Run Extension from Scratch
  3. Make this fella for the bathroom -                                
  4. Buy Fabric for Dinning Room Curtains
  5. Make Dinning Room Curtains
  6. Refashion Some Vintage Clothes
  7. Design Something for our Bedroom Wall
  8. Re Silicon the Bath
  9. Make or Buy Light Shades x 6
  10. Finish a Painting I Started 4-5 Years Ago
  11. Buy Frames for Two Amazing Paintings/Draws I Bought Years Ago
  12. Make another wreath with Material Scraps like this one but round -
  13. Make Covers for our Nasty Bookcase in the Craft Room!
  14. Try my Image Transfer Paste

Outside -

  1. Dig More Vegetable Beds
  2. Make Raised Vegetable Beds
  3. Plant Out Green House Plants
  4. Buy a Cheap as Cheap can be Chicken Coop
  5. Mow the Back Garden
  6. Find a Belfast Sink to use as a Herb Garden
  7. Have Some Surfing Lessons

1 comment:

  1. Bloody hell, your lists are getting as long as mine :D

    Super Vixey Awesome getting it all planned out, if you need any help wandering around fabric shops I would be delighted to help :) x