Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Great Monday, Shame about the Tuesday!

Yesterdays racing was brilliant. There was Stock Car, banger, Mini and Robin Reliants! They were both great, the stock cars were so fast, the banger racing was plain nuts, the Reliants were so funny! As for the Mini's what a waste of these gorgeous vintage cars! :-( Here's a pic -

The day was great fun, although it was blowing a gale making it freezing despite the blue sky and kicking all the dust around!

So today is the not so great. I feel terrible, my head feels like the sea! Including the sand making it all heavy. Every time I move the whole world swirls around making me feel rather queazy! So I've got the day of sick :-( I've spent all morning sleeping now I'm lazily typing this whilst looking for baby things for by brothers little arrival (who doesn't want to come into this scary world just yet). So cheer me up and leave some comments!

Oh yeah, I'm getting a new pet!! A Leopard Gecko!! I have to wait two weeks to collect him as he's only a baby. His name on the web site was Star and considering my infatuation with stars I had to have a look at him online and my goodness is he gorgeous I had to have him! He is a Morph, Mack Snow Hypo. I've bought everything for him when he comes to his new home in a couple of weeks! Along with a new home he's getting a new name Neo Star (Hubby liked the name Neo so it was agreed that he suited Neo Star) Take a peek -

V x

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  1. Neo Star! cool beans, although I used to work for a company called NeoStar Development Ltd lol and the banger racing looks awesome :D