Sunday, 15 May 2011

Exciting Weekend News!!

We'll my weekend plans didn't really go to plan! Do they ever??

In the very early hours of Saturday Morning (14.05.11) 3:05am I became a very proud Auntie! Rachel was in labour for a whole hour from start to finish and gave birth to a gorgeous 8lb 6 baby girl and only used gas and air! All I can say to that is well done!! I wasn't able to see her until today as they came out of hospital late last night! Here's the gorgeous girl she doesn't have a name just yet -

Most of my Saturday went to plan and we headed out for a very boozy night -

It was such a great night, I've not danced like that for years. Good to know I've still got it as my mates were impressed with my dancing capabilities. I didn't want to drink much but that all changed as my hubby ordered me a Long Island Iced Tea and it was so expensive, it came to a whopping £12 due to the fact it had 4 measures in. The worst thing was that the type of spirits that went into it were right but the quantities were so wrong! It tasted like Tequila and coke! We ended up drinking Jager Bombs! But it was such a great night even through we went to Legends! Lol who would have thought that was possible!

So today on our walk home from seeing my gorgeous Niece we saw these most stunning poppies and I wanted to share their loveliness with you!

I'm off now to sort out the garage so I can access my treadmill for my first morning running session tomorrow! :-S

V x

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