Monday, 2 May 2011

Bank Holiday Monday Morning

I woke up this morning at 6am as I do every day to let the chooks out. However this morning instead of sitting down and catching up on the news I had the urge to get busy so I did! For the last hour and a half of being busy check all this out!

After letting my birds out -

I topped up the compost on my huge potato tubs which are now full and still have some green showing on top!

I then needed to plant out my over growing lettuces from the green house. I put some in large pots inside the green house -

The rest I planted outside under the cloche that my wonderful friend Harry lent/gave me. This took a while as I had to dig and weed -

Here's what my 'veg patch' looks like at the moment (it needs some TLC and some serious digging). I've had to put netting and fleece over my onions & shallots because the wonderful cats on the neighbourhood think it's the loo -

Next on my things to do was to check the strawberries and they're looking good considering I dug them up a couple of months ago -

Here's an update on the runner beans and peas I planted a few weeks ago, they've not all come out but they're the ones that have are looking good -

These guys were planted at the same time but are obviously slow starters, we have globe artichokes, sweetcorn & cucumber -

The last thing for outside, I wanted to unpack and build our garden furniture we bought yesterday from Morisons for a stupid price! It doesn't look too cheap -

Oh and I looked myself in the shed! I went in to put something away & the wind caught the door slamming it shut with a force that made the latch drop outside! So my hubby was asleep inside the house and I was shut in the shed. After 10 minuets of pushing and wriggling the door the latch released and I was free again!!

All this in the space of an hour and a half, I was chuffed but a little cold so I came in for some craft time. A friend gave me some picture frames that have a white distressed frame, they'd never even been used! Three were the same size and there was another that was larger. Once I saw the size of them I knew exactly what they were going to be used for! Back in January I bought three cards that had retro slogans on in the hope of finding a way to use them. So the three cards have gone into the three frames leaving me with the larger one to fill. Here's where we are so far -

These are going to look so good in our bathroom! But thats all for now guys! I'm off to watch some banger racing with my Hubby, Bro, Rachel & kids!

V x

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