Monday, 9 May 2011

The Results of a Very Busy Sunday and Some Bad News

We managed to get nearly very thing I had planned done. Lets start in the dinning room, we had a mirror and a curtain rail to put up. Here's the end result -

It looks so much better but it'll be even nice with some red curtains up (on my to make list).

Then we have the lounge which needed a mirror to putting up -

Next was our hallway, which needed our painting of Frank Sinatra put up -

Then was our bathroom, we wanted to put up a cabinet and four pictures, however I couldn't put the pictures up as I need a device to see if there's any wires in the way. But here's the cabinet!

I also put the curtain rail up in my craft room, the bin on the wall in the kitchen but I thought I'd save you from the more boring photo's.

The biggest transformation is our bedroom. We built a chest of draws and put up a jewellery hanger, as a reminder here's the before -

And the after -

Ta da!! It's a miracle!

We didn't have time to put up the big leopard print mirror in our spare room or make a laundry basket liner. So they'll have to wait a wee while.

Some bad news for my evening, I have been told that my soon to be gecko has been eaten by their cat! I am heart broken!! They've offered my another one but I've not had much of a chance to think about it yet. I'll keep you posted.

V x

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