Sunday, 5 June 2011

Busy Week Update!!

Hello remember me?!? Lol

Sorry it's been a while, I've had the most manic week.

I've been looking after my brothers Bearded Dragons all week, meaning that I had to go over to his every morning and night to turn the heat lamps on and off then feeding him. This wouldn't have been so bad if he had some crickets to feed them! He said that the two local pet shops didn't have any and left me the task of finding some despite the fact I was working all week! Cheers Bro!

Wednesday evening we went to a relatives to give them a birthed present for a their gorgeous 1 year old! Thursday night I had Zumba as always it was great fun and really hard in the heat! Friday night we had to drive all the way to Southampton to pick up another Eglu. Bottom is still laying bad eggs with thin or even no shell so I wanted to separate her to give her some extra minerals and some alone time to get better. Sounds a little extravagant for one chock but I have to give her a fighting chance - plus the Eglu was a steal! It was £130 for the house, run, link boards (to make a barrier around the Eglu), feeders, 20kg of food and some treats! Here's a picture of them both - excuse the state of the lawn but the weathers been shocking and the grass won't grow due to the lack of rain but today it's poured down!

During the week one of our lovely neighbours bought us around a little gift that goes by the name of Herman! He's a friendship cake, I'd never heard of one of these before but after reading the instructions I think it's great! Here's a picture of him today at 3 days old he's bubbling away well! I'll keep you updated with pictures as he gets older!

On a quick trip to the shop on Friday lunch I found these beauties outside a quirky health food shop and I just had to buy them! They're the most amazing lasagne sheets ever! I can't wait to use them at the weekend! These were a steal as well at 60p per packet. This is them -

Saturday we had a gig for someones 80th Birthday, it was wonderful, we played outside in the sunshine for a garden party. My gosh the garden was wonderful! Sunday I've had to work all day, so I'm rather tired now and ready for bed - it's only 6pm!

Thats all for now :-)

V x

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