Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Herman Update

Hey guys, Hermans now 6 days old. I had to feed him yesterday which he must have liked as now he's bubbling away more then ever! He's more then double the size he was. Here's a photo of him on his 6th morning -

I'm seriously looking forward to baking him on Sunday, however I have to divide him out into 5ths on Saturday and I'm trying to think who to give to! I think one will go to my Hubby's Dad & Step Mum, another to my Mum, one to my little Sis and maybe one to Harry if he's got time to look after him at the moment.

I realised earlier that I didn't update you on my hair dying progress! So I will blog again tonight with all the photo's - be warned that they're not attractive! Lol But I would like to see someone working the hair colour that I ended up with after I bleached my hair!

I have some good news, at last my brother has a job! However he was offered two the same day, they're only temp positions for a few month but he's taken the one that lasts a month longer. I'd do the same if I had a baby, whom by the way is more gorgeous than ever!

Off to work :-s

Catch you later.

V x

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