Sunday, 12 June 2011

Saturday Outting

Hubby and I had a long drive on Saturday to see my poorly Gran. We left at 6:30am to be there for 9:00 in an attempt to miss the traffic and it worked. However when we got there we found out that my Gran had tried calling us to ask us not to go :-S I felt bad that we didn't know she was having a bad day, then she had to entertain us! We stayed for barely 2 hours but it was still nice to see her and see thats she's not lost her sense of humour! I was hopping to meet my Dad while we were in that direction but unsurprisingly he was busy! So we headed back home, my poor hubby had to drive for 5 hours to see my Gran for barley 2 hours. However I was glad we made the effort, I love my Gran to bits.

On the journey we passed my favourite pig farm -

These must be the happiest pigs ever, they have so much space to roam and forage. They're so gorgeous! One of them on the way home was standing in a water trough - must have been hot! I wish we could have pulled over to take a picture, it was so funny!

Oh and on the way home we stopped at some services and found out to our surprise that they had Crispy Kremes!! Wooo yeah!!

Oh and I've just cooked a lasagne with my funky coloured sheets from my earlier post. I'll show you a picture when I serve it up! It's ace!

V x

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