Wednesday, 8 June 2011

New Saying

I have to announce that I have finally found a new saying for my urgent life situation. The situation of trying to lose weight, exercise more and craft more. My new saying is -

Eat Less And Do More

Nice and simple yet so very important and true! I've also started a Weight Watchers challenge which is all about doing more physical things every day. 

I started this yesterday, firstly yesterday after letting the chocks out I did the washing up and a brief tidy. In the evening I walked home from a drink with Harry helping me clock up extra steps. This morning after letting the girls out I put some washing on, hung it out and tidied bait more, I did some extra walking through the day at work. These are just little extra buts that I want to do not just because they need doing but because it stops me sitting on my butt for so long! 

Tomorrow night I've got Zumba, I'm going to get my bike out in the morning and get my helmet etc ready so when I rush home and change clothes I can just grab my bike and cycle into town. This means that I can take a detour home and get a bit more exercise in. I'm planning a half hour route home - it's rather a detour! 

I really miss the way I used to feel about my appearance, I've never "loved" my body but I used to be confident in my body. I'm going to get that feeling back before the year is out. Im a very determined person and when I set my mind to something I will do it, I just have to keep reminding myself along the way of why I'm doing it.

I used to run every morning when I was at uni before lectures and it really used to set me up for the day. So I'm planning to get into the whole running scene again, I'm just trying to find the right way about doing it. Although as I'm writing this I've just started thinking that perhaps Im reading into it too much and all I need to do is get my trainers on and go for a walk/run/jog a couple of times a week to get the feel for it again. 

I also used to do a lot of Poi Poi (at least 2 x 1 hour sessions a week) and I used to push myself into a sweat every time. So tonight I've dug them out and I'm putting together a track list to listen too whilst I use them. I'm going to dust them off by Sunday night, if I'm not too shocking I'll pop a couple of pictures on here.

Thats all my thoughts for now. If you have any suggestions I'm open to all ideas!

V x 

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