Sunday, 12 June 2011

Calling all chicken experts!

I'm in desperate need of some advice. I current;y have three rescue warren hens with a firm pecking order. The lowest hen (Bottom) I've had to buy a separate house and run as someone was pulling out her new feathers and also her egg shells were so thin they'd always break and get eaten. I wanted her on her own to give her feathers a chance to grow though and to giver her some extra vitamins to help her eggs. She's been on her own for a week now and her feathers are coming on great, theres not much change in her eggs yet.

The next problem I'm facing is that the top chicken (Dotty) is now picking on the other one she's left with (Izzy). She's been pulling her feathers out and now her eggs shells are shocking just like Bottoms. Is the problem my top chicken Dotty? Is she just a bully causing all this stress?

I'm really stuck and desperately need this sorted, I can't go on cleaning them all out every day and stressing myself out over them. Please help......

V x

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