Thursday, 16 June 2011

2 Days to go!!

Well guys only 2 days to go before my holiday and my gosh I can't wait. I kinda feel like I'll end up either having a mental breakdown or I'll walk out of my job if I didn't have a break!

We're currently putting all our camping stuff together, we've got our wet suits and body boards too - the rest doesn't matter to me!

The hardest bit has been organising people to look after the chickens! It's taking 3 people, anyone would have thought it was a full time job! LOL I am so grateful to those who have offered to help though, it saves me stressing out any more over them.

Surf lessons are booked for Sunday :-) so excited, I've not been on a board for years! I'm in the middle of booking some horse ridding sessions too - again it's been years since I last went horse ridding but this will be another first for my hubby.

Thats all for now, I'll do one last blog either tomorrow night of before we leave saturday morning.

V x

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