Thursday, 9 June 2011

:-( Bike Puncture!

After getting up to let the chocks out and feed them I started to get my bike bits ready for tonight. I found and fitted my helmet (like a good girl) then got my bike out of the garage only to find that it's got a puncture! :-( I've not used it for two months but I still didn't think it would have a puncture. I've looked high and low for the bike pump to no avail so it looks like my bike ride will be off the cards tonight and I was seriously looking forward to it!

To take my mind off being so irritated I thought I'd be active and clean the bathroom, now thats all done and it's only 07:15 I'm still angry about my bike! If I'm going to be able to ride it tonight I need to get if fixed this morning before I leave for work in an hour! I hate working so many hours and trying to get the housework etc done, how do people manage it when there's only two of you let alone with any kids in the house!!??

Right I'm off to make us some breakfast, then sort out lunches and if I get time again look for this bloody bike pump! BUT even if I can't find it I refuse to be in a bad mood today even though it's supposed to be June and it's raining one again! So I'll keep thinking of my motto "Do More and Eat Less" and see where I can squeeze in exercise at work!

Have a nice day guys.

V x

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