Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Hair Dying Lesson!

As promised here is my before picture -

This is during step one - bleaching! I was quite nervous at this stage as it was going more and more ginger!

Nervous as hell as my hair was blond, ginnier and red! Ahhhhhhh! So thats why I look a bit miffed as I thought I's made the situation 10 times worse!

This is the TaDa!! After bleaching it I had to dye it twice with a light shade of brown, the first tie worked but was still a wee bit patchy so I dyed it again! Now I have gorgeous rich brown hair! (Sorry the pictures so dark, it was rather late by the time I finished!)

Improvement?? I really think so, although I loved the red when it was so vibrant it's just a shame it fades so fast in the sun!

V x

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