Sunday, 2 January 2011



Well I've just threaded the machine up and tried stitching - I have to confess it took 2 attempts to thread the needle properly, the instructional DVD went so quickly I kinda missed a couple of steps but it was easily rectified. This is my gorgeous new BBF -

After a bit of messing around with the different types of stitches I tried changing the foot to a button foot then tried stitching a button whole - lets just say that's going to take a little more practice. But to end my first session I thought I really need to have something small to show for it so I made this little fella -
What is you ask . . . . . . I don't know!! LOL I'm going to turn him into the inside of little lavender bag to put in my undies draw. I'll post pictures to show you how that goes. This is the inside of the bag -
Considering I made it from a scrap of old fabric I don't think it looks too shabby. I'm really convinced that this is going to be something that I'm good at.

My vintage clothes that I bought from eBay still haven't turned up despite email the seller twice until they do show up I don't have anything to work with so I'm going to focus on making bits for around the house, this little lavender bag being the first. So for the next steps on this puppy stay tuned but for now I'm off to to get ready for the pub.

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