Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Weight Watchers & Crafty Bits

I started Weight Watchers again today after going a bit wild for a couple of months. All I can say is that its starting to take it's toll! After working out my current weight etc my official first goal is to lose 1 stone but my first personal goal is to lose 7lbs. I'm really confident about it all with this new diet and with exercise it'll be a doddle. I think the hardest thing will be coming off the sugar as for the last couple of weeks I've been eating so much sugar laden food.
So I have a whole 34 points a day with an extra 49 over the week.
My week days are going to start with porridge made with skimmed milk, snacks will be two satsumas and a banana. As for lunch until I go shopping tomorrow night it's going to be rather boring - a marmite sandwich on wholemeal bread with a muller light yogurt and a bag of weight watcher crisps.
Tea is going to be full of variety to keep me going as I'm a huge foodie. Tomorrow night is a vegetable stir fry in an oyster sauce with egg noodles and a grilled fillet of salmon. After all that I'm still left with 5 points to have a nibble in the evening.
As I need to go food shopping tomorrow night the treadmill will have to wait until Thursday night but I've already got a film lined up to watch as an attempt to make the time go a little faster. I'm aiming for 45 minuets a time at a walk/jog pace.

Today I ordered a few bits for my craft box to make a "cupcake wreath" for our kitchen - here's my inspiration
Our kitchen is red and black so I'm going to use red polkadot and black polkadot cases which a white inside to break the colour up a little. I had to buy a hot glue gun, heat proof matt, ribbon, a wreath and the cupcake cases. I can't wait to make a start when its all delivered - the best bit was that Hobby Craft are having a huge sale! Wooo for Hobby Craft!!!

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