Sunday, 9 January 2011

Little task for Sunday & diet update

Next Saturday I'm off to see my Gran, I've not seen her for 4 months since our wedding. I really wanted to make her a little something to show that I've been thinking of her. My skills aren't very good at the moment but I wanted to try so I decided on a lavender bag - we'll not so much a bag but an elephant!

1) I stitched a simple bag to pop the lavender in. The I cut out two elephant shapes from felt and started to stitch them together with some embroidery thread.

2) When I was half way round I popped the lavender bag inside then finished sewing.

3) I added the buttons for eyes. This was a little tricky as I should have added the buttons  before stitching the elephant together.

It looks better in person than in these photo's but it does look a little shabby but I'm sure my Gran will like it - mainly because it smells amazing!! Yay for lavender!!

Diets not been too bad over the weekend, I've tried to track every little thing. The only thing I've not tracked was last night. . . . . . we had Chinese BUT I was good and only had a chicken chow mein and a vegetable curry which was within my points allowance oh and 3 sweet and sour chicken balls oops I couldn't resist!! Todays going to be extra healthy as I'm making roast pumpkin soup in a bit with a pumpkin from my allotment. It's 15:48 and I've not even been outside yet so I'm going to take a stroll in a min to get some fresh air.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow (after work of course) as I'm off to Harry's for a knitting lesson or as he likes to call it a Bitch and Stitch session. A couple of months ago I bought a rather basic learn to knit scarf kit and after looking at the instructions I immediately put it down as it looked so complicated. But Harry's come to rescue and promised to show me how to use get started tomorrow. :-) Cheers Dude!!

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