Thursday, 6 January 2011

Second day of Weight Watchers

Well it's two days down and still going strong, keeping to my points perfectly I've used 4 of my weekly points so far. I've decided that the evenings are my down fall, last night I munched 5 Weight Watchers Caramel Mellows which took me over by 3 points and tonight is Twiglets left over from Christmas which took me 1 point over - thank goodness for those weekly points!!

I had exciting post today . . . . . . those dresses finally turned up from eBay all 24 of them! Check this lot out -

I'll post some more pictures of the dresses at the weekend when I have time to try them all on, but looking through them has certainly got my creative juices going I'm full of ideas. I'd better get back on the sewing machine, I need on the practice I can get!

Thats not all . . . . . . Hobby Craft delivered too! Super fast but I'm a little annoyed though as the ribbon I ordered must have been out of stock so they didn't post it :-( mega sad as I have everything else for my cupcake wreath so I'll have to try and hunt some down at the weekend.

I've been a super good today and spent 45 minuets on the treadmill whilst watching Food Inc. What a great eye opening film, I can't wait to watch the rest on my next treadmill session!

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