Wednesday, 19 January 2011

So my week in a nut shell . . . . . .

Well lets start with the positives -

I've finally got around to separating a double bed spread that a bought a few weeks ago mega cheap. It took a few hours but good practice as I've never used seam rippers before. I thought the red half would make a gorgeous skirt and the white would make a nice table runner & napkins as it 100% cotton and feels really good quality. So my first task for the weekend coming up is to turn this red fabric into a skirt!! This could get messy!! LOL

I also had a random idea of turning some odd buttons into some stud earrings so I did -

They are super cute!! The most rewarding two minuets ever!!

I must now get to the bad bits of my week . . .

I didn't go to Weight Watchers I've been feeling super poorly this week (well for most of this month) and after going to the doctors last night and being prodded and poked I really didn't feel up to going out. SO I really have to go next week as I'm trying super hard to stick to the diet.

Also had to cancel on my Stitch 'n' Bitch session with Harry last night as I felt poop :-( Now I'm having withdrawal symptoms!! I tried to make up for it by seam ripping and knitting for a few hours, I'll update you on my knitting soon.

My second task for the weekend is to try and convince my Hubby to go for a mega long walk with me Saturday morning - if you know my hubby you know that I've got my work cut out but I really need to get out and absorb some country air!

To end on a slightly better note (well better for my waist line anyway)! Even though I was ill I still went on the treadmill Sunday to watch the last of Food Inc - 45 mins. I also went on it tonight to watch an episode of Vampier Diaries which was only 40 mins by the time you cut the breaks out!! But hey it was better than nothing!!

Oh and I nearly forgot to mention, my Gran LOVED her lavender elephant!! It really cheered her up, she was going to put in a clothes draw but though it smelt too lovely to shut it way so she popped it on her knitting table to sniff away at. Bless her.

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