Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year!!!! . . . . . A day later than planned

Although last year held some very happy memories it also held some very sad ones. So much happened through one year its really hard to believe. . . . . the first half of the year a close relative found out at 46 they had a heart condition, he's slim, active, eats well but after tests found out his body produces too much cholesterol and had to have an urgent quadruple heart-by pass. It all happened so fast everyone around him was in shock it was a really hard time for everyone. Then my Gran had a hip replacement at 79 closely followed by my Great Uncle having a knee operation. Then it was my wedding which we had been planning for 2 years this was also a really hard time as my hubby's Mum - now my Mother-in-Law threatening to ruin everything for us (luckily that didn't happen and the day was beautiful!). Very closely followed by my older brother finding out he's expecting a baby! This is the first baby on my side of the family for years so it's mega exciting!! Lets hope this New Year is full of more happy memories and no sad ones!!

A day later than planned for this blog but thats what happens when you have guests staying for 2 weeks!
I unwrapped my gorgeous Brother Sewing machine on Christmas day and started to read the manual. The whole thing went over my head as I've never used one before, so on Monday I went shopping for a beginners book along with scissors, cotton, buttons etc to really get started. So today is the day I'm going to get this puppy started for the first time wooo!!

However before I can get it started we have to go and buy my hubby a new wedding ring as he lost his a month ago and we cant find it anywhere! So I'll be back very soon to tell you how my sewing machine test drive went!!

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