Wednesday, 12 January 2011


1) BREAKING Weight Watchers NEWS!!

Week ones over and out, what are the results I hear you all say . . . . . a loss (yay) of . . . . . . . 4lbs!! Wooo yeah!! I am surprised it was so much as I did have a takeaway although I did count it not to mention a couple of bits I couldn't count. It's defiantly set me up for another good week bring it on!!

2) BREAKING NEWS Moving House!!

After looking at a bungalow to rent on Monday we've decided it's the one for us! We now have a date for moving 29/01!! Exciting stuff but lots to organise and not much time!


My creative BBF Harry has taught me successfully how to knit!! After an hour of our Stitch and Bitch session I could knit on my own. Take a peek at it now -

The only bad thing is I started with 10 stitches and I currently have 12!! Woops
Thank you for your patients dude!!

1 comment:

  1. I enjoyed the Stitch n Bitch, though I am hardly the most qualified teacher :)

    Phil had a great time as well the wee devil.

    Gratz on the weightwatchers xxx