Sunday, 7 August 2011

Yesterday . . .

Yesterday was a very sad very stressful day in the Asbo household. One of our neighbours knocked on our door at 8am and started to rant and raves about our chicken. Apparently the smell is unbearable and the noise in the morning is ridiculous! Oh and apparently it states in the deeds to the property that poultry can nit be kept in the garden. He wouldn't listen when we told we were only tenants therefore have not seen the deeds. I tried to explain that we asked the agency we rent from for permission and they granted it. Also explained that we'd talk to the agency and get this mess sorted out. He then left but swiftly came back with his property deeds and waved them on my face!

We got hold of the agency and explained what's happening, they said to tell the neighbours to put it all in writing to them as it's not to do with us. Also advised them to call Environmental Health if the smell and noise is so bad. Then the neighbours flipped and said they're calling RSPCA on us as we mis treat them! I mean what the hell look at these girls what more could they want -

They get fresh food and water every day, fresh grazing weekly, cleaned out weekly, let out to roam the garden! What are they missing? So I walked over and gave them the number for the RSPCA.

Because our jobs are so stressful at the moment we couldn't cope with the arguing so we secretly got rid of them. We took them down to a farm five minuets away that offered to give them a good home running around their yard with their 40 other chickens. In exchange for eggs when we wanted them, turned out that Buff Orpington's are the owners favourite breed. We don't want the neighbours to know and think they won.

I deal with people like them all day at work, busy body retired people with nothing better to do with their time but make people miserable! I bet it won't be long until they find something else to moan over.

But at least we can go and visit when we want. So now the eglu's are on eBay along with all the bits we bought and the house and the run! :-( I'm so sad about this, we now have neighbours that don't like us and my dream of keeping chickens is shattered until the day we move out!

We've been cheering ourselves up by going out for a nice breakfast and buying a new toy for Sookie.

She loves it!

Well that's all for now guys.

V x

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