Saturday, 27 August 2011

House Warming Gift and Week Two of the Craft Challenge

Today I popped around Harry's new apartment for tea and cake. I have to say I was kinda jealous, all that space to himself to chill and create! All week I've been creating is home warming gift which has been my weekly project.

I made him a cute (ish) gothic (ish) wreath! Just another excuse to get the glue gun out! :-D

This is only the second wreath I've ever made, so very exclusive!

It started with a polystyrene half wreath and rapping some ribbon around the majority of it -

Shock horror I didn't have enough so I tried something different and used some red wool -

I have to say wow that took along long time! Still going -

I had some amazing fabric I wanted to make some flowers out of and some cute buttons I used as centre. This is what I came up with (excuse the cup of coffee, mmm that was a good cuppa!) -

I made three of these, two large and one little. I used the trusty glue gun to attach them.

Next I needed to make something to hang it up with which took a while to sort figure out but I got there! The simplest of ideas take the longest to think of! This is the finished article -

It's hard to get a good picture of the flowers with all their ruffles but you get the idea!

V x

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