Monday, 22 August 2011

Week One of the Weekly Challenge

Yesterday I completed my first week on my weekly challenge. This challenge involves creating something new every week! Week one is completed, I up-cycled this drab vintage dress into a very much needed apron. Here's my before -

I separated the back of the dress from the front and the sleeves, I also removed the buttons as I wanted to use a couple of these later. I used the full back of the dress for the body of the apron.

The front of the dress I cut into strips to use for the ties -

The buttons were just for a little bit of detail -

I wanted to add a pocket on the front so used a sleeve, I literally cut out the seem then attached to the front-

This is the finished item, it a bad picture as it's quite dark but you get the idea. I love the oversized ruffle on the front pocket!

Now I need to think about my project for this week! Any ideas people?

V x

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