Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Leonidus Update

So we've had our gorgeous Leo for a month now, he's now 3 1/2 months old and look how much he's grown -

This was him at 2 1/2 months -

His such a great character, one minuet he's super relaxed and the next minuet he's running allover you! I'm really thinking about buying him a companion soon so next year they'd be old enough to breed. I keep looking at the ones Southwest Geckos have available but I can't a female that's good enough for him! LOL

Oh yeah, the RSPCA turned up tonight! We thought it was about the chickens after our stupid neighbours "reported" us. But they were just fundraising, I've been wanting to sign up for ages but my Hubby in his own words is tight! somehow this guy twisted his arm and I got my way and now support the RSPCA! Yay!!

That's all for now, time for bed.

V x

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