Saturday, 20 August 2011

Friday Night

My Hubby and decided to hit the town for a couple of drinks last night. We mainly go to one pub called the Red Lion as it has a nice relaxed atmosphere and also has live music on most Fridays. The music last night was mostly good, they had a couple of guys and their acoustic guitars. They both played separately for half an hour each and the first guy was ok but the second guy was much better his name was Steve Davies. He's style was very Paolo Natini mixed with Mumford and Sons with a bit of rapping sounds odd but god he was good! The pub was quite rowdy but I still managed to zone out and listen to just him. This is a bad picture but still you get the idea -

He came over for a chat and seemed really nice, the other guy that played seemed way to full of himself tbh and wasn't any where near as good!

So last night was chilled music, great wine - so good I had nearly a whole bottle (Californian Rose called Furious Boar) and great company. Oh and on our out the pub we bumped into an old friend we've not seen for a while, so this is a little hi to Kev!

That's all now to enjoy more of our weekend!

V x

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