Sunday, 20 March 2011

Super Happy Super Crafty Sunday!!

This morning I was so annoyed with finding carrier bags allover the place that I decided it's time to make the carrier bag holder I've been talking about. After looking into designs I found out that the scrap of material I wanted to use was a tad to small but I thought I'd roll with it and give it ago anyway. So here's the finished article -

I also decided that the old broach on my black coat needed replacing so here's what I came up with from a couple of old scraps of felt -

My wonderful friend Harry gave me some wonderful fruit bushes last weekend. He gave me four "mystery currents" and a male and female kiwi plants. I planted out the currents this morning but couldn't decide where to plant the kiwi's so for now they'll have stay put in their pots.

I had to put some fleece around the plants as we have rather a lot of cats around here that like to use our garden as a litter tray.

This is our rather knobbly male kiwi plant that I'm yet to find a hole for.

The first seeds of the year are planted and tucked away into our greenhouse, three types of tomatoes (a cherry tomato, banana tomato and a vintage red and white tomato) also some early little gem lettuces.

These are our first veggie beds that my Mum and little sis Sammy helped me clear and dig last weekend. So far we've got shallots, white & red onions planted, next weekend I'll get some beetroots started.

Check out this wonderful rag rug kit I bought during the week -

I so can't wait to get started with this!! Woo for recycling!!

Just to keep you posted, you've probably guessed that the whole Weight Watchers thing hasn't been happening for a while, I started strong but my wonderful hubby kept throwing spanners in the works so I called it a day on the diet and focused on exercise. But Dan has put his foot down that Monday morning is a new week and a new leaf and time to diet! So to be a good wife I'm going along with him to support him as we really really need to get into shape. He's started really well and even went food shopping on his own and only bought healthy food!! I check with you tomorrow morning and tell you my start weight! :-)

I think thats all for now, so enjoy the gorgeous weather and I'll catch you tomorrow!

V x

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