Friday, 25 March 2011

It's Friday and I'm down in the dumps! :-(

I hate blogging when I'm not happy but today I'm really not despite the fact its Friday! Which is normally enough to get anyone in a good mood let alone the fact the weather today has been soo amazing!

The only thing thats getting me down is the fact that the person that was selling this Eglu on eBay won't answer my emails! eBay gave me the number and still no answer! I really wanted to get some hens this weekend as someone that lives near me is getting a batch of ex free range hens in from a local farmer and has offered some to me! I'm so gutted that it looks like this Eglu's going to fall through! :-(

I'm off to the pub in a couple of hours for some live music but all I want to do is eat everything in sight and feel sorry for the hens I might not be able to get and give a better home to!

V x

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