Monday, 28 March 2011

Happy Hens . . . .

Well we picked up our Eglu yesterday which was interesting. Somehow I'm not too sure how we managed to get the whole thing in the back of our Citron C2 what a squeeze it was too but we did it! When we got al the was to the New Forest (which took an hour and a half) to pick the hen house up the woman turned around and said she'd lost the roosting bars but kindly knocked of £20 which was nice of her. When we got home and I tried to put the thing together, it came to light that she'd also forgotten to give us the Grub and Glug (food & water dishes) and the bolts that hold the run to the hen house!! Ahhhh what a nightmare!! So I rushed onto the Omlet web site to buy the roosting bars, Grub & Glugs, a new sun shade and before I know it I'd spent over £50!!

After a fun filled day at work :-/ we went to pick up our hens from the farm. They looked all sorry for themselves because of feather loss but  they were feisty little things! When the kind lady put them into the cat box the first one had a good peck at me as I was holding the box! It didn't break the skin but what I can say is ouch!

 Here's my girls exploring their new home -

The bravest takes the first steps into the Eglu. Look at her poor bare bum! :-( She'll soon be looking picture perfect.

They started eating and drinking as soon as they got into the run and love Marmite on toast! After sitting with them for a couple of hours it's clear they already have their pecking order sorted! I'll tell you who's who tomorrow. I really need help with names though so if anyone has any ideas.......

I've just shut them in for the night so I hope the sleep tight!

V x

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