Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Super Ecstatic Wednesday!!

No only is it half way through the week (which is bloody great news!) but most importantly I've just won a chicken coop on eBay!! Meaning that my dream of keeping chickens is one step closer to a reality!! We've got to pick it up on Saturday all being well but this is what it looks like -

This picture is from the eglu web site -

Its identical to the one I'm getting which is all most new. I'm so excited I can't tell you! We're setting aside next Saturday to go shopping for hen supplies and hopefully some hens! I'll blog this weekend with pictures of my eglu and share the coolness!! 

A quick update on the diet front, all is going well for both hubby and myself. We've been out walking every lunch for half an hour and stuck to our diets 100% for the last 3 days and feeling all the better for it!

V x 

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  1. Whoo! congrats on the ebay bidding :)

    Eglus are very cool, any idea what kind of chooks you are going for?