Sunday, 22 January 2012

This Weekend

So this weekend my Hubby and I thought we'd run away for the weekend on a last minuet deal. I had a serious case of the January Blues! We headed down to Torquay Friday night straight after work for a couple of nights in a hotel called Brampton Court. It wasnt the ritz but the guys running the place were a blast and the room was clean, super comfy bed - they upgraded us to a family room with sea views as the room wasn't booked for the weekend! We got there around 7pm and checked in, the view from one of the windows was so stunning with the reflection of all the lights on the water. When I can I'll upload a photo from my mobile, this was the view by day -

We relaxed, ate out a lot, shopped a little, drank a little, walked a lot and talked even more. From all the hills and steps our legs are very sore! We even visited the Living Coast which was really interesting on a very basic level but it was fair to say it was very windy! -

Torquay seems to have become our little haven, almost a salvation in a few ways.

But we're home now and tucked up in our own bed - the hotel one was more comfortable (not to mention huge!). Back to normality, which for me really sucks ATM! However January is nearly over and next month I have a few things to really look forward to - Valentines day and my Hubby's 26th Birthday! :-)

Plans are coming along for next month in terms of craft, food and gardening. I just keep looking ahead to get me though each 'normal' day. I'm also exploring a few little business ideas, kinda planning ahead for when we have children in the years to come when full time work won't be an option.

I really feel for my brother and his partner ATM as she's due to finish maternity leave soon and going back to her job isn't really an option. They'd have to pay for childcare, fuel to and from work and when working shifts childcare is hard to arrange - not to mention it costs almost as much as the average person earns an hour! That fact alone makes it pointless to me, for an extra £1 an hour I'd rater be with my baby! I just hope my brother can pick up enough hours at work to support both himself, his partner and his gorgeous girl without running himself into the ground.

I really think this country has it all wrong, thanks to our government starting a family is verging on impossible! Our maternity leave is good but then your pushed so hard to go back to work after 9 months it creates so much stress, tension and sleepless nights to work out how to make ends meet when all you should be doing is enjoying the new life you've created!

There doesn't ever seem to be a right time to start a family. Some say when 'your ready' but both being ready at the same time doesn't seem likely. Others say 'when you can afford to' but theres never enough money but you make do. I've kinda made a decision in a way but with no time scale and that's based on when we're 100% debt free in our everyday living. Once we've succeeded in that then we can start thinking about it. So you may see some frugal tips on here from time to time.

Time to stop going on and get some sleep!

V xx

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  1. Super happy you got to escape and have a wonderful time :)