Thursday, 5 January 2012

Cold, windy & wet - Raynaud's

So today was scarily windy, bitterly cold and raining. All of which do not mix well with Raynaud's! Despite wearing three pairs of socks, which may sound stupid but it is the norm for me at work and yes I own a vast number of socks! I work in the old signal tower of an old train station which doesn't have heating - except an little fan heater! I managed to get too cold, even after a 30 min car ride home with the heater on high, I managed to get home and still have no feeling in my toes :-( I tried to take a photo so you can see how bad it can go but the bathroom light makes the white look yellow and less obvious but here we go -

The only option to warm up was a bath! Oh and yet again I'm ill, this seriously sucks! I never quite make it back to full health before I get another bug! :.-( I've been at work every day this week, although I've felt the need to curl up in bed every day! BUT I have four days off after tomorrow, so I can be ill in my holiday time . . . . Yay! We have my brother-in-law and his partner staying with us ATM for a week, it's kinda nice having people to cook for, even if I don't feel like entertaining. But on a happy note I ordered some Zumba clothes etc from America last week which turned up today! Super excited and they're colour clashing amazing! When I feel more energetic I'll model them and share some photos! Over and out time to snooze! V xx - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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