Friday, 8 April 2011

Thank Goodness it's Friday!!

I'm so glad its finally Friday. First off I'm sorry I've not blogged for a week our broadband went down and the wonderful BT took their time in sorting it but I'm back online and all it great!

I've had a shocking week so far with work - can't say any more on here. But last night I did go to an amazing Zumba lesson with my Mum after I paid upfront for her to have 10 lessons for Mothers day. The instructor Joni changed her warm down music to this wonderful empowering semi classical piece that leaves you thinking you can conquer the world! It was such a warm day yesterday the hall was mega warm even with the doors wide open, I still gave the lesson everything I had so sweat was dripping off me.

Also I've been a busy crafty bugger and this week I've made a skirt and a top from two dresses, I'll blog about them over the weekend when I have a little more time.

On a slightly depressing note when I let my gorgeous chooks out this morning I noticed that the one we've nicknamed Bottom (due to her lack of feathers in that region) has either pulled out herself or her coop mates have pulled out her new feathers that were coming though on her lower back. Because new feathers have a blood supply she's a little bloody but I can't see that she's hurt anywhere. Does anyone know what would make her or the other two do this do her? It was a really hot day yesterday and I am wondering if that caused her to be uncomfortable and to pull them out thinking that they were causing the discomfort? I'm calling all chicken experts here to help me figure this out - I've barley had them two weeks and I'm already worried to hell about them!

Time to scoot and get ready for work :-(

V x

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